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DJ Khaled Teases New Song With JB: 'It's Going to Be One of the Biggest...

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Billboard :

"I got a song coming out with Justin Bieber and some more of my great friends on the record," Khaled said. "I want it to be a surprise, but it's going to be one of the biggest anthems." The "I'm on One" star also divulged to his fans that a video will accompany the forthcoming track. "My son [Asahd] is the executive producer and I can tell you this: there's a video coming with it, too." 



Anthems for what? :oprah:

Another one? Fast moving relationship? DJ Khaled!?

What did you guys think?



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How can a baby executive produce something WE

The Most Popular Girls in School megarate is cancelled!
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Apparently the first 10 seconds of the song lyrics have already leaked, it says: "Anotha one, we the best music, DJ Khaled!"

No but for real, Justin Bieber needs a 5 year break. I don't even play or care about his music but it's everywhere.

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19 minutes ago, goldenrealm said:

My son [Asahd] is the executive producer

lmfao he's so pretentious with this whole family/gratefulness thing :rip:

That Arizona sky burning in your eyes ❤️
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biggest anthem of expecting oral but not giving it is coming to slay. Get your wigs ready hennys :giveup: 

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