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Mark Nilan: '2018 radio is ours'

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1 hour ago, Jaume said:

actually  PI is amazing but radio didnt touch it, it wasnt her fault. Well, she didnt support the song anyway, I still dont know why she refused to promote it (anyone knows?).

After watching 5ft 2, I got the impression that she was still in pain during the launch of PI, she complained about pain during the music video shoot. Also I don't think she was going for all out promo because it was such a personal project she wanted it to speak for itself.


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Dolce Vita
On 04/12/2017 at 4:08 AM, romonster said:

No one is saying that Joanne had 0 hype. A Lady Gaga album will never not have hype. She has the biggest fanbase of any female artist so her collaborators struggle to keep their mouths shut because her fans spam them to tell them something about the new music. This doesn‘t change the fact that Joanne had less hype than the pop albums before it.

I agree. Joanne didn’t have hype because we didn’t know what she was going to release, which was so exciting. It’s a lot better when she doesn’t hype the music or talk a lot about it. 

We knew she was in the studio with RedOne at one point but then she suddenly started to work with Mark Ronson, not else was really revealed.

I did get the impression that she was toning it down by the way she started dressing towards this time, but was not expecting Joanne’s sound at all.  

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If she promotes good ( she didnt : ARTPOP)
If she makes something better than Perfect Illusion
she can make radios her dolls

epione free
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3 weeks and 1 day left in 2017. 

I really hope a single or something drops ASAP in 2018 because I just can’t deal with these IG posts and hype anymore. 

Nb4 little chartsters, 2019sters, negativesters (sorry that’s all I got) come for me talking about “Monsters create hype and meltdowns for themselves”, THIS is hype created from HER team. :gaycat:


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