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Gaga's best bridge?

Gaga's best bridge?  

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  1. 1. Which one of these slays you the most?

    • Dance In The Dark
    • Judas
    • Schei√üe
    • Heavy Metal Lover
    • Perfect Illusion
    • Other

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Just now, Leonardo Fox said:

i wasnt joking, it goes harder than my ass on shrooms

:firega: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. Baby, let's get hiiiiiigh and listen to Stache together.

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I know it's not an option...But I love DWUWs bridge.

Sometimes I'm scared I suppose, if you ever let me go. I would fall apart, if you break my heart. So just take my body and don't stop the party.

Justice for Grigio Girls!!!


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Here I go to the eye of the storm 

Just to feel your love 

Knock me over 

Here I go 

Into our love storm 


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Sneaky Oliver

Perfect Illusion is fire!! John Wayne slays too :rockstar:

Ps.: Dancin In Circles :gaycat:


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Tbh the Mary Jane Holland bridge is her best one.

Her other great ones are
- Judas
- Sexxx Dreams
- G.U.Y.
- John Wayne
- Joanne
- Hey Girl
- Monster
- Born This Way (and y'all better not sleep on this one, you know you go apesh*t crazy when she sings "No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgender life, I'm on the right track baby, I was born to survive)
- The Queen
- Marry The Night

Majestic, the future is electric.


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Perfect Illusion's bridge would be better if the modern ecstasy lyrics were the main part of it instead of the "it was a perfect illusion, it was a perfect illusion part) imo. It's definitely the best bridge on Joanne, but I feel like the other bridges on Joanne aren't that great compared to the bridges of songs from her previous albums. A-Yo doesn't have a lyrical bridge at all, and the bridges we do have are pretty short (4 lines). Her older songs (Judas, Bad Romance, DITD, BTW, ARTPOP, Venus, Just Dance, PF, etc.) have longer, really great bridges and I wish we work have gotten that on Joanne. Obviously these are songs on her previous albums that don't have strong bridges, but I feel like no bridge on Joanne really stands out.


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Where is Bad Romance ? :reductive:

You can not hide if nobody pays attention to you :*


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Y'all sleeping on the hardest bridge she has, Marry The Night.


Love is the new

Denim or black

Skeleton guns

Are wedding bells in the attic?

Get Ginger ready

Climb to El Camino front

Won't poke holes in the seat with my heels

'Cause that's where we make love

Come on and run

Turn the car on and run


Warrior of the Monkey, Killing Peacefully


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