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Where's your fave?

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Just to let everyone know, on July 2nd, this thread will have a major overhaul, with only the most popular video featured under each artist (viewed, liked and disliked) along with their subscribers and certified videos. It's just a big hassle to update this thread all by myself every second Tuesday and takes up so much time in this format. It's a wonder I've kept it going so long! But now with time constraints and moving on more in life, it's time to condense it right down to what matters. It will also have a new title - Where's Your Fave? Just in case any of you wonder where this thread went, it's the still the same one originally made in 2016 by the same person, just now looking a bit different. So, if you want to pour over all these stats for one last time, you have until July 2nd to do that before it changes dramatically. There will still be stats, but only the most relevant video per artists and 2 other video stats. The big overall lists will still exist at the end to see where they hold up, however.

Thanks to anyone who has viewed this thread and see you back here for a new look thread on July 2nd!


EDIT: The new, streamlined thread is here! Much easier to read, navigate and just focuses on the #1 stats of each artist. I hope this one is a better format that will pull in more interest! I hope you like the new name too!

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