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Gaga out today in an Audi R8 (5/4/12)


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I don't see why so many people are making such a big fuss about her 'changing' because she's in this car? I don't think it makes any difference to anything. I just enjoy getting new candids of Gaga looking good :)

I can't I've tried but I can't omg

do you want me to? :)

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Honestly, I think it's perfectly fine for her to drive a nice car. Also, perhaps she LEARNED how to drive, who knows, maybe that's why she's driving that car.

Stop ****ting yourselves over the most remotely unimportant things like a 26 year old woman driving around in an Audi in Beverly Hills. Gaga doesn't need to have someone drive her around all the time. Maybe she wants independence and wants to drive by herself.

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She doesn't even own a house. Give the girl a break and let her enjoy her time. God, we don't even know the situation but we're already judging her just for drive a luxurious car. Perhaps it's not even hers.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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