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Rob Fusari to release Unreleased Gaga from 2006-2007


This.. but so sad. avatar_98699a00b2ff_64.png

He tweeted today that the songs coming this month!

Link/Proof please?



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i dont like this rob fusari... if you have a look at his website youll see that he mainly set it up to "proclaim" how he made gaga and how he "owns" her....

rubbish man rubbish

i think he just sounded very proud of the songs he made for her more than anything


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He tweeted about it in March, so nope

:ohno: Maybe he prepared in advanced.

If not, we have at least 28 days more to go! :woot:


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I hope he'll include Hollywood. :excited2:

He didn't do Hollywood. :(

But he did:

"Blueberry Kisses" (2007)

"Dirty Ice Cream" (2007)

"Fancy Pants" (2006)

"Fever" (2006)

"Fooled Me Again" (2007)

"Funky Beat" (2006)

"Glitter and Grease" (2007)

"Go, Go, Go" (2006)

"Kandy Life" (2007)

"Let Love Down" (2006)

"Love Sick Girl" (2007)

"Musicland" (2006)

"Oh Well" (2006)

"Real Cool" (2006)

"Retros-xual" (2006)

"Ribbons" (2006)

"Rockshow" (2006)

"Sexy Ugly" (2007)

"Shake Your Kitty" (2006)

"Trigger" (2006)

"We Are Plastic" (2006)

"When She Go" (2006)

"Wonderful" (2006)

"Yay Ha" (2006)


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I don't think he should have annouced it, Gaga's legal team gonna be on his ass now.I don't think she could actually do anything because they are his songs too but I wouldn't put it past her.

EDIT: inb4 it's all the stuff we have already

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I root for you. I love you. You, you, you, you.


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Kidz Boop

Um, I can't find it?

Click on the Twitter icon at the top, right hand corner.


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