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14 hours ago, PoshLife said:

@PopReaperDid we know Chanmina has a new album coming out next month? October 13. Here's the tracklist - I'm pretty sure most of these songs are new.


01. 太陽
02. Angel
03. 君からの贈り物
04. ハレンチ
05. ボイスメモ No. 5
06. ホワイトキック
07. ピリオド
08. Picky
09. 想像力
10. 東京女子
11. ディスタンス
12. Morning mood
13. ^_^
14. 美人
15. 花火
16. Never Grow Up (Acoustic Version)

Perfume, Utada, and Chanmina (my three favorite currently active JPop acts) all releasing new music within a month of each other? We won.

I think we talked about it back when she first announced it. Looking at the tracklist I'm already clocking at least 6 songs we've heard before, but 10 original tracks is enough for me.

2 hours ago, PoshLife said:

Perfume really gave us four versions of Polygon Wave, two songs that sound like early drafts of Polygon Wave, and then... whatever the hell that last track is (which literally starts with the words "Polygon Wave" :smh: )

The two other tracks are cute, but not very memorable on a first listen. But I was afraid Mugen Loop was going to be a belated Mugen Mirai remix, so I'm just happy it's an original track too dddd :poot: . Also, idk if it's just my earphones but the vocals sounded really low, specially on Android And. That live intro they put as the final track was certainly.... there :emma:

Fun Fact: The K in KPop stands for "Kate Bush"
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Welcome to The K-Pop Thread! This thread is the place to discuss all of your favourite artists and groups from South Korea! Whether they are a big name group or an upcoming solo artist, we'd lo

God I'm so tired 🤣 For a lot of them I don't know what they said as the translator was VERY quiet. Will need to listen to the recording again later. HeeJin - I asked what her fav

i'm a lurker in this thread but lemme just promote my faves  


my top 9 from each group (across the whole series):



Choi Yujin

Kim Dayeon

Kim Bora

Kim Doah (OUT)

An Jeongmin (OUT)

Kim Chaehyun

Seo Youngeun

Sim Seungeun (OUT)

Heo Jiwon (OUT)


C: :rip:

Chiayi (OUT)

Su Ruiqi

Fu Yaning

Xu Ziyin (OUT)

Leung Cheukying (OUT)

Chien Tzuling (OUT)

Zhang Luofei (OUT)

Xia Yan (OUT)

Wu Tammy (OUT)



Sakamoto Mashiro

Yamauchi Moana (OUT)

Yamaguchi Yurina

Kubo Reina (OUT)

Kamimoto Kotone

Sakurai Miu (OUT)

Ando Rinka (OUT)

Ikema Ruan

Arai Risako (OUT)


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The entire Bad Love mini is so good :giveup: Specially Helium :legend:

Lift me up
I need a fix to pick me up
Girl, I admit you fill me up
Like helium got my lungs like
Judy Jetson, take me up to space
And let’s get down and dizzy faced go dumb
Like helium got my lungs like





Fun Fact: The K in KPop stands for "Kate Bush"
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