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"Taylor is turning girls gay"-A PASTOR


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Taylor Swift is turning kids gay, a pastor has claimed.

Larry Tomczak is now suggesting children are learning 'homos-xuality is a beautiful way of life' because of the many pro-gay messages on television.

He suggests people like Ellen DeGeneres are exploiting the 'Shake It Off' singer into forcing girls into embracing an 'immoral', 'unnatural' and 'shameful' lifestyle.

'Are you really aware of this avalanche sweeping across our society today?' Tomczak wrote in a Christian Post column. 'It’s not a trickle, it’s a tsunami!'

He argued gays and their advocates are intentionally inflating the proportion of LGBTI people in the US to make them seem more mainstream.

Claiming TV programming promotes a 'gay agenda', he cites the gay characters on Glee, Modern Family, Scandal and Two and A Half Men.

'Super hyped Empire series starts with Oscar nominee Terrence Howard having a homos-xual son - and he's a hunk,' Tomczak says.

'Ellen DeGeneres celebrates her lesbianism and "marriage" in between appearances of guests like Taylor Swift to attract young girls.'


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That quote makes no sense compared to what teh article says.

Ellen is exploiting her position as a talk show host to turn people into gays via the cipher that is Taylor.

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But 1989 is the most pro-Christian anti-gay album in history?


Why do you think it starts off with Welcome to New York and ends with Clean


It's an instruction manual on how to purify ourselves from the gayness.


If anything it should be sold (as individual companies) as a companion purchase with every Bible.

Take a moment to think of just flexibility, love, and trust~
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