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PREMIER: Sia - "Elastic Heart" (FULL)


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Chandelier was one thing, but this is quite another. You can't just say "It's just your twisted mind that's interpreting this s-xually." We have a grown man and a pre-teen child in a cage, dressed in a way that makes them look naked, dancing, climbing and draping over each other, giving each other longing looks that suggest lust. I don't know why no one stopped this video and pointed out how concerning this all was. I don't know how a woman can be ok with making this video. I really question Sia's intentions by this point. Maddie was already s-xualised by the Chandelier video and this one is even more blatant. Fact is that paedophiles do look at this stuff and a child does not have to be actually naked for them to be turned on or interpret their actions as s-xual. And Maddie's movements are not exactly innocent either. In Chandelier, she was doing a very provocative split and spreading her legs. Here she is doing some approximation of a slut drop (she drops to a squat with her legs apart and her hands crossed over her head) and looks at a grown man in a way that suggests longing and lust. Most of her movements are perfectly innocent, but some are not and don't think the choreographers are unaware of this. I am shocked that Maddie's mother allows her daughter to act in these videos, but then she did put her daughter on reality tv. I'd even be a bit better with it if she was dressed in a black leotard, just something that doesn't give the impression of her being naked. Because that's what's suggested, no matter how you look at it. And it makes me sick to think of who could be watching this and what they're doing while watching it. I daresay stuff like this only encourages paedophiles and makes them believe their feelings are justified, because if the media are fine with such risque portrayals of children, their desires can't be that bad, right?


No, I don't think this video is art. It's just shock value to raise Sia's profile. There's so many ways this situation could have been portrayed and this was not the best or the only one. I sincerely hope Sia never uses children in such a way in her work ever again as it's getting seriously creepy now.


Sia released a statement about this very topic, actually:


I anticipated some ‘pedophelia!!!’ Cries for this video. All I can say is Maddie and Shia are two of the only actors I felt could play these two warring ‘sia’ self states. I apologize to those who feel triggered by Elastic Heart My intention was to create some emotional content, not to upset anybody.

SOURCE: http://siamusic.net/post/107468037227/statement-on-elastic-heart

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I can't @ people overreacting to this. If it's controversy Sia wanted, she'd have gone that route a long time ago. She doesn't show her face in interviews for a reason.


I don't see this as a s-xual relationship, neither do I see it as father and daughter.


I see it as two separate emotional entities. Maddie, similar to Chandelier, probably representing Sia herself, and Shia representing her emotional state. 


As Sia already mentioned, her motive is to portray two warring emotions within herself, as with the Chandelier music video. I can't believe some people fail to see this and instead try to look for something negative they can point out.


Sit down.

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Betty Who

This is one of the most amazing music videos I've ever seen. Just... wow.  :legend: Maddie and Shia are really phenomenal in this.


The fact that people are s-xualising this is a little weird though... They're two actors portraying characters that, according to Sia herself, are her two warring emotional states, and some interpetations have also been connecting them to the presentation of a father-daughter relationship. They're wearing minimal clothing to allow them more flexible movement and to not distract from the overall performance. Simple but powerful. There really is no need for overreaction here.

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Love the Song  :wub:

Love the Video  :teehee:

Love EVERYTHING!  :excited:


I think Maddie and Shia represents her Heart, both seems so different...Maddie as the heart that wants to break free, but Shia as the heart that is resigned and worthless...the cage itself represents Sia's body...

Hence the name "Elastic Heart" since maddie can get through the "cage"....but i need to really look deeper in the lyrics  :shy:

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I love the song. 


The video is okay. I didn't read too much into it. I thought the video was kind of weird and obtuse. It just looked like two people playing with each other in a cage. that's about it. 

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That's an amazing music video, so powerfull...


this and Chandelier have the kind of concept / artistry that I was expecting from ARTPOP...

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