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Songs that didn't chart as high as their impact


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Riot Poof

"Holiday" by Madonna peaked at #16 in the US, but it's still played on the radio today.

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Wake Me Up by Avicii peaked at #4, same as Applause, but it was much more successful and it still gets healthy radio play today, unfortunately. :excuseu: Because of this, the GP isn't aware of any of Avicii's other (superior) songs.

Zedd is still better, though.


Safe and Sound by Capital Cities (which was actually first released in 2011) peaked at #8 after its 2013 re-release, but it was EVERYWHERE. It was a huge hit on just about all radio formats and it was even in commercials.


The Cup Song peaked at #6 (it was #1 on Adult Contemporary though) but its impact was HUGE and spawned endless videos of covers and tutorials.


Clarity peaked at #8 and didn't chart on AC at all (hence why I almost never heard it on the radio), probably because it was too EDM (didn't stop Wake Me Up, though). It arguably remains Zedd's best-known hit, though.


What Does the Fox Say? peaked at #6 and was a total radio flop (For good reason, though. Nobody wants to hear "DINGDINGDING WAPAPOWPAPOW" on their morning drive to work.), but its impact is undeniable.

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