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Happy Birthday, Gaga!

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Lady Gaga turns 26 tomorrow (March 28th)! Post your birthday wishes, photos, videos etc. here in this topic.


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Happy birthday :hug:

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Happy Birthday! I couldn't make you a real cake, so you're going to have to use your imagination.

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Happy Birthday Gaga, I love you :heart:

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Happy birthday! :woohoo:

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:sara: :sara:


Another cute video I saw!

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Happy Birthday! Love ya!

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Oooh there ain't no other day, baby you were born today, GAGA YOU WERE BORN TODAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!
Happy B'Day Gaga!!! :hug:

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Best birthday ever is of course for u. Because u gave me every day love.
I love u with my whole heart, I'll always be ur little monster♥

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Happy birthday mother mons†er! :Gaga:


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Happy birthday, hope you come back with an album that makes us all pop our pussies (with a collab with Bey plz)
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Happy Birthday. x

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Happy b-day :pawsup:

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Happy Birthday beautiful :cry:

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Happy birthday Gaga! Thanks for being an inspiration to millions of Monsters all over the world. You've truly made an impact on mine and others lives. Never stop being you and doing what you do, I love you! :heart:

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Happy Birthday Gaga! :hug:

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Happy Birthday to my Eternal Muse, Monster Mama. Hope you have a monsterific day and that all your dreams come true. Love, art and blueberry kisses, Vicky -x-

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[color=#000080]HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAGA![/color]

Can't Wait For The BTWBall To Start!!

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