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A Star Is Born

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andy232000   Paws Up 5,373
On 12/6/2018 at 11:55 AM, MeloArtDramaPop said:

I kinda want her to be nominated for supporting actress instead to guarantee that oscar, but then saying that youve been nominated for lead actress is also tempting

She´s not a supporting role so she cant be nominated on a supporting actress category. she´s the lead role. And submitting her role as supporting is kinda useless of she is after all the protagonist. the academy wouldn't give her a nomination if her role is too big 

edit: I´ve seen this had been discussed 

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Bradley   Paws Up 22,355
28 minutes ago, M Monstre said:

I definitely agree. I'm not expecting Gaga herself to win anything, though I do think the movie might. Honestly, I'd be happy with just a nomination. Even if she doesn't win, she would be referred to as a nominee, which is a pretty big deal (like you said).

Hopefully the rest of GGD will understand that :sweat:

I'm not sure if A Star Is Born is gonna win Best Picture or Best Director or Best Adapted Screenplay but I can see it getting a lot of nominations, possibly even become the most-nominated film of the year, with the music category and all.

With all the technical categories counted in, I think we might even get 8 nominations for the film.

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