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Top 10 Underrated Lady Gaga Songs

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reversewarhol   Paws Up 170

i agree with most of it

except my list would be

1. Swine

2. Venus

3. Marry The Night

4. Speechless

5. Dance In The Dark

6. Angel Down

7. Diamond Heart

8. Brown Eyes

9. Perfect Illusion

10. Gypsy

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RIPheygirl   Paws Up 293

Diamond heart and paper gansta and Speechless YES 

Everything else NO 

Like where are bloody mary and sexx dreams??? :saladga:

I felt it was more aimed towards little mosters preferences but not SUPER STAN little monsters. :huntyga:


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ryanripley   Paws Up 65,185

after finding out Dope outpeaked Judas, it has no spot on that list lol

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LGMonster95   Paws Up 1,016

Mine would have Angel Down, ARTPOP, Venus, Joanne, Perfect Illusion, Bloody Mary, Sexxx Dreams, Hey Girl, Till It Happens To You and The Queen 


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DiamondFart   Paws Up 1,177

Bad Kids and Dope? :excuseu: What were they thinking. 

As where the hell are Scheiße, Bloody Mary and Heavy Metal Lover? :oprah: 

Seriously, Highway Unicorn over Scheiße? :messga:


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KING   Paws Up 5,619

This is old news :sweat: but I still disgaree with some of their choices. These are the underrated gems imo:

01. Fashion!

02. The Queen


04. Grigio Girls

05. Electric Chapel

06. Disco Heaven

07. Come To Mama

08. Sinner’s Prayer

09. Mary Jane Holland

10. So Happy I Could Die

Edited by KING
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2 Samuel 22:33 🌹


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