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Songs that survived more than 1 tour

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Sharyu   Paws Up 18,567
Just now, YCHofficial said:

Yeah and if you would read the 2nd line, you would see the 5 tours i listed.

Only her solo headlining tours. 


It was the Cheek 2 Cheek Ball. Headliner Lady Gaga ft. Tony Bennett.:sis:

Warrior of the Monkey, Killing Peacefully


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LePetitMonstr   Paws Up 20,961
34 minutes ago, Danny Milk said:

She performed teog at artrave

Mess of me reading this as "she performed teog at auntGrave":diane:


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Sneaky Oliver   Paws Up 5,066
Sneaky Oliver

Marry The Night and Dance In The Dark deserved better :icega:


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KING   Paws Up 6,184

Glad to see Paparazzi made it in each tour. :wub: After TMB I thought the song was gonna be scrapped based off future tour themes. 

I’m not surprised Scheiße & Bloody Mary are the top two non-singles standing cause they’re bops. MTN, TEOG, and Applause will get better treatment imo.

2 Samuel 22:33 🌹


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