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DJWS is better than Redone

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gstring   Paws Up 432

DJWS made Unreleased Legend like Tea, on the other hand RedOne made Unreleased song that became a BIG event for a moment like Frankensteined :ohno: that's hard, as hard as the letter 'D' in Diamond fart, i mean- heart... 

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MonsterofFame   Paws Up 234

DJWS with Gaga can be pretty hit or miss. However, with Brooklyn Nights and The Cure now being two Gaga songs pretty high on my list of favorites now I'm looking forward to anything they work on together.


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 August Blue   Paws Up 7,657
August Blue

Applause is POP perfection

Bad Romance is just LEGENDARY and one of the BEST pop songs on history of music :poot: 

Then we have Just Dance and Do What you want 

Idk I love them :diane: 

They are both talented producers with a lot of potential. :tony: 

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