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LateToCult   Paws Up 2,503

Her 2009 VMA performance remains THE BEST performance I have ever seen by anyone. It still gives me chills to this day.

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FfFfFfFF   Paws Up 3,717

She is one of the only music artists to combine mainstream popularity and artistic niche. 

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TheWitness   Paws Up 3,018
8 hours ago, panosmonster said:

no no no, this is not Gagadaily friendly. Start a topic about how you hate gaga and despise everything she's done and you'll end up at the trending topics. :)

I don’t need the charts :whitney:

Official WP Magnet :rip:


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blackthorns   Paws Up 194

I could literally write an essay but its two in the morning so I'm gonna make it short and sweet- shes the love of my goddamn life, she is so brilliant and so f-ing talented AND absolutely stunning.

If you need me, you know where to find me: seeking validation and self-love in my dumpster


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Luxe Ford   Paws Up 1,871
Luxe Ford

She gives me chills up my spine, makes the hair on my arms stand up and a my thoughts rush through my brain in a way I can't rationally explain in any other terms than 'art'.

Old maids say I have no sense; boys declare I'm just immense!


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