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A song from another artist you wish gaga could have done

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MaryJaneHolland   Paws Up 47,944
2 hours ago, FfFfFfFF said:

I def. think Happy Days - Brooke Candy would fit her, especially for a dark records.

I'm all about Gaga covering the best song ever made :lolly:

In GAGA we trust!


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Creyk   Paws Up 13,138

45seconds by Rihanna

It's such an iconic forward thinking piece of music, it would have been the perfect bridge between the Joanne and ARTPOP era



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androiduser   Paws Up 2,131

Let it Be by The Beatles is totally a Gaga song, she would be amazing for it, I can hear her singing it in my head

Groove is in the Heart by Deee-Lite would be a huge hit for her, and it would match her voice perfectly

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Bradley   Paws Up 19,876
7 hours ago, Cheesy Potatoes said:

to be honest, those songs sound dated af

I still bop to them tho.


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