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Andree   Paws Up 3,087
6 hours ago, FormerExtrovert said:

Tbh i think an album is coming FOR SURE this year as the usual gap for gaga albums would be not more than 2 yrs. (i.e., TF 2008, TFM 2009, BTW 2011, AP 2013, C2C 2014, Joanne 2016). Considering Joanne was 2 years ago, soooo we should expect something soon. :pray:

I dont entirely believe nor not believe the tweets as yes, they can have “connections” but I treat them as like overall concepts or ideal scenarios or general plans and not really specific target actions as we all know that gaga eras are not exactly that well-planned or fixed :selena:


sooo let’s take this with a grain of salt and a sprinkle of hope that whatever may be happening bts, it better be good and slay the **** out of all of us :bye:


and remember that Gaga wanted to release ARTPOP in late 2012:gaysia:


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GaGaSwift   Paws Up 1,794

me looking at the only lg6 promo in a small town newspaper: giphy.gif

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Snow White is my main


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Doot   Paws Up 11,181

I would just like to share that I have never once read a rumor thread on here, and this literally describes me reading the rumors and this thread 



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"Everyone's entitled to one good scare."


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