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Missing GGD members?... Where’s everyone?

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MaryJaneHolland   Paws Up 47,948
On 2/11/2018 at 3:56 PM, Didymus said:

I telepathically received both the wishes for my return and the wishes for my sustained absence in this thread so I decided to reunite with the amazing well wishers and have lots of fun with them, and to piss of the latter group and have lots of fun with that too :trollga:

If you gon be messy, it's a matter of time how long will it take til @Haroon packs you up with 10 WPs :selena:

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In GAGA we trust!


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PartySick   Paws Up 36,345

Y'all hate on Haroon so much :smh: I know some of it is just joking but for those of you that are serious, you know he's just the mod that's ok with doing the dirty work and having the target painted on his back, right? :laughga: Behind every ban is at least two mods, behind most warnings is two+ mods' approval, so stop singling out that angel :diane:

And also, all the complaints about WP's :green: not to be shady but most members go without a single point or ban to their name so the problem is definitely not with us :green: check yourself and your friends before coming for someone else :green:

/short exhaustion fueled defensive rant :triggered:

Also, obviously locking for all the moderation discussion :laughga: if y'all have an issue, question, comment, and/or concern, bring it to us directly please :happy:

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💙I know where I'm going💙


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