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What ever happened to Lady Gaga Revenge?

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NotMyFlop   Paws Up 899

Does anybody remember the ICONIC game Tap Tap Revenge? I used to play it for hours at a time -- and they even had two Lady Gaga versions. 



I went to download it again today and NONE of them were there. :toofunny:

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JudasIsAHolyFoo   Paws Up 3,154

Tapulous, the company that created Tap Tap Revenge shut down a few years ago meaning all their apps were pulled from the App Store. Unfortunately you cannot play them anymore. I was in the same boat cause I had boughten all 3 of her Tap Tap Apps lol

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Monster Ball 2010, Monster Ball 2011, Born This Way Ball 2013, artRAVE 2014, Joanne World Tour 2017 (Both Nights in Toronto)


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monster78619   Paws Up 8,249

Pretty sure you can download it from your downloads, I did it a few years ago after they shut down. The Fame one worked fine but the others didn't because the songs weren't on the app or something, you had to download them seperately? 

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Feel free to send me money btw


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Kylie Jenner   Paws Up 7,126
Kylie Jenner

I use to play Katy Perry Revenge :rip: 

When Travis Scott sucks the t*ts of art (aka me)


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King J   Paws Up 1,057
King J

Idk what happened to it. 

But I ahve just made my first elimination game thread, and my first game thread actually. And it's based on QUEEN CUPCAKKE

Ruthless but I gotta get that promo it's dead at the moment

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Rowt ay soyng aybouwt yer eyesh, ayt ay sliysche ohf cherreh pye. Eye crei'd awl bought.


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Serial Chiller   Paws Up 641
Serial Chiller

I dont know why no other companies has risen up and take over the music rhythm game on mobile. Right now it's so limited and the games available don't mainly feature pop songs. 


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JoAnn Fabrics   Paws Up 240
JoAnn Fabrics

I was so addicted to that game. My ipod touch used to get so hot because I would play it all day :saladga:


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