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GoT actor joked about rape, video resurfaces among Hollywood scandal

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StrawberryBlond   Paws Up 5,818
16 hours ago, littlepotter said:

again, you're making assumptions which are completely untrue - not because you're "lying" but because you simply haven't watched the show. this rape scene took place in the first season. six years ago. and that panel video is OLD. so what you're basing your argument off is invalid, since in a way people's complaints were heard and no more rape scenes were depicted - they were at most implied, and in most cases - like sansa's the only one i remember - she went on to destroy that man and have him devoured by hounds. 

Well, I'm sure I'm still hearing about rape scenes through the grapevine whenever a new season starts...but maybe I'm confusing them with sex scenes. But in any case, I'm speaking about the double standard some people apply in these situations regarding onscreen fictionalised rape. The dos and don't of conduct when it comes to sex tend to involve a lot of double standards.

15 hours ago, IndieKylie said:

I laugh about dark things often (and make those jokes sometimes). That being said, there are some things I’m allowed to react to instinctually. I think maybe 8 years ago I would’ve chuckled at the joke (close to when the joke was made, no?), but today I’m wise enough not to find such a cheap shot funny. It’s just how I feel regarding this specific joke. 

The video was from 4 years ago, I believe. I'm just saying that if a female feminist who's opposed to rape culture doesn't see anything wrong with the joke (but understand that this is a very specific context that I allow), then I don't know why anyone else, especially men, need to feel it was out of line. You could see there was unrest from the cast when he said it, which was honestly surprising - I thought they'd be immune to lines like that by now. And according to Emilia Clarke who played Danaerys, who is the character who went through the rape scenes, she insists Jason was so considerate throughout and even apologised for what he had to do. So, I think it's safe to say that there's no reason to see Jason as some kind of monster who harbours dark secrets that he accidentally let slip with this one line.


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Fiona Apple   Paws Up 12,822
Fiona Apple

I think it's stupid to make such jokes publicly but "rape culture" and "gross" are completely extra comments to use on the situation


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