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Will Gaga ever top Scheiße?

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SergenGokdag   Paws Up 3,889

This song ever better than bad romance and the all her other songs

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Diamond Heart 💎


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raginchristians   Paws Up 665
11 hours ago, Luxe Ford said:

She literally can't top herself at all. She's the...*drumroll*...G.U.Y! 


Came here to comment this :air:

And the only thing that's ever topped Scheiße is the Coachella version :tony: never fails to get me hyped

karmin deserved better and i'll never not be pressedT about it


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KING   Paws Up 6,183

No unfortunately, there's several good songs Gaga made after 2011. But a song along the lines of Scheiße nope and its cool cause nothing could top the original.

2 Samuel 22:33 🌹


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Doot   Paws Up 12,822

Let’s be realistic: Bad Romance and Scheiße will forever be her best bangers. 


You can can try to deny, but I will sue you. :bon:



(also Captivated says hi)

Edited by Doot


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Enigma   Paws Up 1,661

What’s even so great about Scheiße ?

The instrumental is awesome beyond limits, I give you that

The gibberish part is nice but it’s not even proper music, it’s literally a loop of her talking with rhythm...

And the rest of the song just... doesn’t stand out to me ?

Can someone educate the flop fan that I am :selena:


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