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(Meltdown) JWT @ Tacoma Changes

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Spock   Paws Up 10,266
1 hour ago, Whispering said:

You got more songs and a longer show. Stop pre-whining for nothing. 

It's one show. If she is shortening it, maybe it is because it is touch of the voice to sing live. Oh please, that's so dramatic. 

That's not the point but okay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


28 minutes ago, ViviLittleM said:

Don't be jealous hihi

of what :poot:

who will love me when the night is over


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JustYouandI   Paws Up 1,800
7 hours ago, Lil Mxnster said:

Truly, Perfect Illusion's performance is weird, 'cause I was expecting something like the music video :sweat:


A PI performance isnt complete unless that mic swing.

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Gardevoir   Paws Up 21,267
2 hours ago, J e s s e said:

What act?

The Meat Market Act (Americano, Poker Face, and Alejandro) 

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Oh’ The taste of your lips I'm on a ride, You're TM06 I'm slippin' under


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CyanLights   Paws Up 4,715

I'm not sure whats been said but if the show was already delayed by 1.5 hours, she most likely had to shorten the show. Most arenas give large performances like this a curfew due to exsessive noise (my local venue must have all operations finished by 12:00 am) so that may have a big part of why the songs were shortened, to fit that curfew 


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JesseBabe   Paws Up 635

I was at the show last night! I did feel like she cut short a lot of songs, but it wasn't bad! I actually thought the crowd wasn't as good as in the past, or maybe it was just the spot I was at. There were legit people just standing around in in GA. 

The whole lining up was a hot mess and I really wish they would have had signs or something that let's you know where to go. My friend and I legit stood in the completely wrong line for a good 20 minutes before realizing it. :madge:

Edited by JesseBabe


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AJK273   Paws Up 2,407
16 hours ago, bumblebee said:

But is it realistic that she can sell more than five arena shows there with this tour? 

For it is rather costly for the tour to travel to Australia for the sake of five concerts 

Well she needs to open up to more places than just the usual... She needs to go to stadiums and come to adelaide and do adelaide oval 

Messy, Petty, Beautiful, Covergirl


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