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What are your expectations for the JWT

what do u think?  

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  1. 1. what do u think?

    • it will be great and maybe even her best one
    • it will probably be tragic

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Stef   Paws Up 23,419

I'm expecting a lot. This is her post-Superbowl world tour. This tour is gonna be full of curious casual GP members who were slain by her Halftime show. Sis needs to absolutely deliver. No messy concepts and amateur costumes (artRAVE) and no half assing the choreo. She's canceled her performance tonight for this so good sis has no excuse :neyde:








Audience interaction

This tour could potentially win back a **** tonne of fans. Beyonka solidifed herself as a touring and album selling FORCE after her 2013 superbowl, and LG needs to do the same



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"you're only as good as your last piece of work"


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merlot   Paws Up 5,771
13 hours ago, Irrelevant said:

It's the truth :awkney:

Have you seen some monsters on the Dive Bar Tour Postponement :awkney:

well i mean it's understandable that they will be a meltdown after a postponement two days before the show


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BloodyMonster   Paws Up 6,025

I except her to have a good stage (she's been hyping it up) with lots of lighting, a good mix between Joanne tracks and past hits with possibly some fan favorites mixed in, maybe some flying, lots of Super Bowl and Coachella influences, choreo, good vocals, piano performances, good outfits, some pyrotechnics for the Stadium dates

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BadJudas   Paws Up 409

I expect a storyline and a re-arrangement of her old-songs.

[And she re-use the Castle of BTWB but this is happens at her last tour, i think x]


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