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ritoban   Paws Up 9

So I have been a little monster since Gaga came into the scene. She is like an icon. She is the mama...even if she does mediocre we praise her... and that is fan culture (which is fine)... For example "The Cure" might have been gaga's way of proving that she can do bops and good bops... very cool BUT the lyrics are just so bad (and if you say your okay, i am gonna heal you anyway?).

She is constantly telling us and the world that she is an artist... if she is really is an artist then she should refrain from putting out bad songs.

 Joanne has good songs... and she has proved time and again she is one of the best "performers" of our times, she has made interesting calculated steps in her career, million reasons is a great song. BUT BUT BUT melodrama is another level. And Melodrama sort of made me understand that gaga can be my mama but she dont need to be my favourite artist. Lorde's new album needs nothing but a good listen. Lorde's sound is so fresh... And mainly the lyrics, my favourite is the following from homemade dynamite, (if you have heard it then youll know what i am talking about)

"Might get your friend to drive, but he can hardly see
We'll end up painted on the road
Red and chrome
All the broken glass sparkling
I guess we're partying?

So tongue in cheek, so fresh. Many artists have written songs about partying and its perils, so has gaga, in fact some of her main themes surround the dangers of fame, But nothing was as profound as melodrama. 

"Oh how fast the evening passes... cleaning out the champagne glasses"

THe way the above line is sung just makes you feel exactly how she feels... These questions arise to me too. and i remember thinking these things at every weekend (whenever i party). 

In ancient times People used to meet at theatres, temples and churches  for social bonding and now, for our generation these places are clubs. These perfect places are our temples where we let go of all inhibitions and be ourselves... but we cant deny there is this undercurrent of malicious and horrific politics between friends and acquaintances, (who is sleeping with who) (who misbehaved with who) its so dark but yet the next morning we are normal, its not like we dont know the "truth" we are just in this constant need for pleasure, is this actually getting us pleasure? 

Gaga tried to say a lot of things in ARTPOP and Joanne. which gave us some nice songs, but Lorde just showed us how its done. Gaga has more sales (which she doesnt care about) but lorde is a better songwriter, we cant deny that. 

I am Mindblown by this girl.  


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Lil Mxnster   Paws Up 2,977
Lil Mxnster

Why can't we just enjoy this albums masterpieces? :poot: If we want to critice something then do it with Flopness and Hoeless Floptain Kendom :lolly:


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StrawberryBlond   Paws Up 5,156
On 16/06/2017 at 8:22 AM, Irrelevant said:

No one needs to write paragraphs in every single thread :saladga: This is a pop forum, people come on here to state their opinions in short forms, she's not @StrawberryBlond :saladga: This is not how GGD works :saladga:

I know this was a while ago but can you please refrain from talking down to me like that? There is no rule stating how long our posts can be and I write a lot because I have a lot to say. Apparently, showing intelligence and insight is too much for some people around here. I don't care if everyone else writes short posts. I'm my own person with my own mind.

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