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Pics - On The Set "A Star Is Born" (Palm Desert)

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Lord Ryry   Paws Up 3,182
Lord Ryry
1 hour ago, DelusionalGaga said:

Maybe that's why she did the whole Joanne/cowgirl experience - just to get into role :emma:


this is exactly what I thought ! 

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Alien Tulip   Paws Up 12,425
Alien Tulip
1 hour ago, RudzXinc said:

That outfit is awful

Looks way too big for her

but probably it's Brad's

its Bradleys



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KING   Paws Up 5,263
2 hours ago, JohnWayne23 said:

This is actually on set of the music video for The Cure

She's fixing him with her love. 

Definitely a reverse warholian! :udidnt::ladyhaha:

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Currently living life without the Scheisse ✨


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Killa   Paws Up 5,965

IT's obvious this will be The cure video ahahhah i live

They shot those scenes and then they cut some scene from the festival and it's done

Promo of promo of promo

Promo for the movie, promo for the tour, promo for the single

And Joanne was an introduction into the character

GAga once again predicting everuything, so scary



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