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joanne era is OFFICIALLY over

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YUNGLUKA   Paws Up 390
20 hours ago, juju said:

:awkney: There's literally nothing rushed about it, they all sound meticulous and there are details at every corner of the album.

Aside from Come to Mama, there isn't a bad song on it; we got bangers unlike anything she'd released previously (Perfect Illusion, John Wayne, Diamond Heart), and some of her strongest ballads yet (Angel Down, Joanne). Plus Hey Girl, Sinner's Prayer, and Just Another Day, three of the best songs she's ever released, so no I'm going to have to disagree, the album is flawless and definitely timeless. :lolly: 

She literally started working on it late 2015 / early 2016 and finished it in 2016 also. She'd been working with RedOne and various other people since ARTPOP so yes Joanne was rushed. We all have differing opinions yes but surely for an album to be defined as timeless that would also be the mass opinion of the general public ? I'm not one for the GP's thoughts but gaga's "timeless" work includes Poker Face / Bad Romance / Born This Way. The album is flawed in many ways but good on you for enjoying it. 


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MonsterPaws   Paws Up 1,763

That's kinda sad.

I loved Joanne. The era sucked ass (sorry guys I know we had SuperBowl or not but still it sucked).

But if this is what Gaga wants then I'll be standing beside her no matter what :pray:

Plus TC is a bop


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MonsterofFame   Paws Up 263
15 hours ago, PropaGaga said:

To be fair, Gaga always wanted to do little one off singles before "The Cure". Maybe not with this amount of push behind them, but it was definitely something she was interested in. When I met her at the BTWB she said she wanted to put songs like "Cake Like Lady Gaga" and "Stache" out properly, but she couldn't because of Troy, so she had to find ways to get them to us (like how she tried to disguise herself on "Cake" or that whole sound puzzle thing with "Stache"), and she still ended up getting in trouble over it. This could just be another thing she's doing now that she's actually able to.

Very interesting.. I had no idea! Stache could have made a good one-off release, but Cake Like Lady Gaga and the video were a mess and really embarrassing to watch/listen to.


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JanPianoMusic   Paws Up 725

I disagree. Your 'besides' makes it exactly not over.

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You will never please everyone.


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