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Is Gaga's Music Innovative and Exciting Anymore?

is gaga's music exciting anymore?   

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  1. 1. is gaga's music exciting anymore?

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Sister   Paws Up 7,709

Probably not in the sense that most pop fans will want her music to be, only because I feel like she has grown up and wants to be treated as a serious musician with staying power that relies upon her talent and not the trick of cheap spectacles. Most new things these days that the mainstream and trends deem exciting usually rely heavily on creating a scene on a quick spectacle and shock and it's rarely innovative. I also think that once you are so heavily embraced as someone like Gaga is, branching out into all forms of entertainment projects and forums, she isn't away from the scene enough and off to herself, to pull out something so new and on it's own an escape to create something totally innovative, she is too much a part of the current and on moving game.

I do think that she herself is exciting and innovative, as a star.

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Jenniferella   Paws Up 2,773

I feel like her music never was innovative. Exciting yes, at least for me, but not innovative. With that said, I hope she releases really risky music one day and creates something as thought out as her older visuals.

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