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briffan2014   Paws Up 171

Why did I think it was groups of four for the photo op? I keep seeing it is groups of six in several threads on GD but I swear I saw it somewhere else that it was groups of four. Can I get a link where it actually says how many people will be in it? Also, how do you guys think it will work out that I could be nearest GaGa in the picture? I know it's not anything like artRave zone and this is my first GaGa concert. 

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Blake   Paws Up 5,619

VIP Nation EU says that it's 6 people per photo, I'm assuming it's the same for American dates. :) https://vipnation.eu/ladygaga

And it'll just be luck whether or not you're closest to her. 

Also, we have a Joanne World Tour FAQ/Questions thread in case you have anymore questions. :) 


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