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What made you become a Gaga stan thread

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heit8r   Paws Up 112

My boyfriend <3

He's the most passionate about Lady Gaga, but I started to love her more each day :hug:


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Poker Face, of course, changed something inside of me. But the live performance of Dope at the YouTube Music Awards in November 2013 is something to behold. She was going through a lot of stuff back then. You could see the passion and the rage behind those raw vocals. A truly intimate moment.


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SaamuelTaaner   Paws Up 70

It was January of 2010. I was snooping through my sisters CDs and I came across this CD that had a bold image on the cover. This cover featured this woman in a bold white triangular wig, wearing a black shiny jacket that was covering her face. That CD was The Fame Monster. I put it in my CD  player and I was intrigued. 

Then came Born This Way, I remember my mum talking me to the local store and choosing what version of Born This Way I was going to buy. I bought the deluxe version and I haven't looked back since. 

I still remember my first real concert, September of 2012, The Born This Way Ball!

Then in February of 2013, the last show of the Born This Way Ball where she broke her hip and I remember not hearing much from her and checking her Facebook seeing if she posted anything new. She didn't. Then during ARTPOP I stuck by her while many betrayed her (anyone remember her some of you may betray me speech at the BTWB?) Aura/Burqa leaked and I knew this album was going to be good! 

I begged my dad for days to pre order one of the album bundles and he did! 

Then came artRAVE! I remember spending around £150 on merch 😐

On August 18th 2016 I opened my Facebook because I had a feeling something was going to be on there, it was the announcement of Perfect Illusion. I couldn't wait! 

Then came Joanne, I remember staying off school, walking to HMV and waiting until 09:00 when they opened so I could be the first person to buy it! 

Then the Super Bowl and the tour announcement happened. 

I remember ringing my mum from my art lesson asking her if she got tickets for the show, and to my luck she managed to buy them for me! I'll forever be grateful for this tour because I know a lot of monster couldn't see her because of the demand/scampers.


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hunty   Paws Up 21,741
On 2/26/2017 at 7:16 AM, Jenina said:


For r3al????


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imnotyourbabe10   Paws Up 910

LoveGame video made me pay attention to her and Ale-ale-jandro was what sealed the deal.:diane:

 After hearing it randomly come on my iPod shuffle back in Spring of 2010 and wandering around my school's campus in Chicago along the lake, amidst beautiful weather and having mind-opening experiences of relationships, education, and so forth...it brings me back to nostalgic times and also keeps me present in a strange way--always looking forward to the discovery of those songs that affirm and have the ability to bring back vibrant memories (even if the track has virtually nothing to do with the situation lol).  Love hearing everyone else's experiences with it!  [Are there any threads about songs that makes you nostalgic?  Could be a good topic?  I ask because I suck at starting threads :derpga:]

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Benji   Paws Up 13,210

I was only a casual fan until the Bad Romance demo leaked. That demo slayed me.


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HiddenWeirdo   Paws Up 1,374

It was not her music videos. Not her outfits. Not her lead singles.

I actually didn't liked "poker face" when it came out because it first sounded too mainstream to me.

Nevertheless I wanted to listen to the whole album and BAM tumblr_mdqz8sRKBR1qggwnfo1_500.gif

it changed my life.

It was really listening to Disco Heaven, Money Honey, Beautiful Dirty Rich, The Fame etc..! That's when I really understood her talent and her vision. Since then I love every album.


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