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bowie1986   Paws Up 125
1 minute ago, PopThatArt said:

I agree with Come to Mama being amazing, and with the over obsession with the dance songs, and with DiC being a bad single choice, however, I disagree with everything else you have said. Million Reasons is amazing, and the reason it actually DOES WORK is because it's different from anything Gaga has released as a single, she has never released that kind of quieter song as a single, she never released a non-dance track as a single. A-Yo and John Wayne are along the lines of all the other electronic music she has released, it's great she took a risk with Million Reasons, to hell with the people who don't like it. She took a risk, which is admirable, too many people play it safe with music and with everything else these days, releasing another dance album would have been playing it safe, Monsters should stop expecting Gaga to play it safe with pop and dance music, she is a risk taker, Joanne was a risk, and it's hella admirable Gaga took such a risk. 

I like that she promoted MR if that's what she wanted. As a venture in risk taking, it's poorly calculated. Not trying to be an asshole, but ballads don't chart well unless they have a wow factor. With Adele, it's usually great lyrics and her unparalleled voice. 

Million reasons, lyrically, is not impressive. In other words, I don't think the contents of the song could stand on it's own without a highly-publicized breakup. And her voice doesn't sound good with this country-style of instrumentation, it's a little too husky and gravelly. I think Hillary Lindsey killed this album, no matter what hits she has written in the past.

I like her attempts to showcase versatility, but I think there are many other areas of the album that showcase versatility in a way that's more obviously successful.


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Panchecco   Paws Up 14,840

I would love Come To Mama as a single but not instead of DIC or John Wayne or even A-Yo


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JupiterDrive   Paws Up 2,729
6 hours ago, PopThatArt said:

And what? You think dance pop music isn't boring? Puhleaze. 

well i still listen to it and im still not bored so 


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M Monstre   Paws Up 21,980
M Monstre

Believe you me, I would love nothing more than for Come to Mama to get more love. It's one of my favorites off of Joanne, and one of my favorites in her whole discography. But, the reality is is that it's not going to make for a very good single. It's too different and isn't necessarily radio-friendly—I'm specifically talking about the sound here.

A-YO or DIC are the perfect next single choices. It's upbeat, and we need that after we just had MR, and it's something that the general public will be able to digest. 

💕 / 🎨 / ✌️ / 🎶


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Bellatrix   Paws Up 20,113

Come to Mama is one of my favorites from Joanne :diane: 

He knows how to play! Itty bitty baby Potter


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15jocart   Paws Up 2,167
18 hours ago, John Slayne said:

Come To Mama is the worst track on standard edition :wtf: don't quote me!


Been a long time but I'm back in town, and this time I'm not leaving without you


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