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christinahoney   Paws Up 383

I haven't listened to the full album yet but this is definitely not a style that I enjoy hearing from Gaga. I love country music, this is not country. She's just incorporating a lot of tired cliché melodies from western/country/retro songs and it makes the whole album sound very fabricated and outdated.


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Torsoface   Paws Up 3,262

Diamond Heart 11/10 A ****ING MASTERPIECE! The production is ****ing out of this world, lyrics, vocal delivery. NEXT SINGLE PLS

A-Yo 0/10 I ****ing hate this, pretentious trash. Remove this song from everywhere

Joanne 8/10

John Wayne 10/10 NEXT SINGLE PLS

Dancin' In Circles 10/10 VERY SEXY NEXT SINGLE PLS

Perfect Illusion 6/10 The beat is tragic. Repetitive and loud

Million Reasons 8/10 Nice song but kinda basic idk??

Sinner's Prayer 8/10 Ok, didn't listen in full yet

Come to Mama ?/? Haven't listened yet cause I don't really care because DH/JW/DIC exist

Hey Girl ?/? Haven't listened yet cause I don't really care because DH/JW/DIC exist

Angle Down 9/10 The production needs a little more something going on. The outro is interesting

Grigio Girls 10/10 Based on the snippet

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High King   Paws Up 463
High King

Diamond Heart - 7/10

A-YO - 6.5/10

Joanne - 9/10

John Wayne - 9/10

Dancin in Circles - 8/10

Perfect Illusion - 6/10

Million Reason - 5.5/10

Sinner's Prayer - 8/10

Come to Mama - 5/10

Hey Girl - 9/10

Angel Down - 7.5/10


Overall - 8.5/10 

Definitely her best album since The Fame Monster.


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ElectrikUniCorn   Paws Up 98

after few listens:

Diamond Heart - 9/10 very srtong song; you can tell it's a Gaga song and that bridge WOW !! 

A-Yo - 8/10 very fun song to dance to it 

Joanne - 8/10 surprised by the production and I love it. Made me remember all who died and was close to me :(

John Wayne - 10/10 production is amazing so rich! I can relate to it :p 

Dancin' In Circles - 10/10 not my fav of the album but I can't deny it's the best. Single material. Reminds me of The Fame Monster in a way.

Perfect Illusion - 9/10 the emotions and anger and that key change!

Million Reasons - 9/10 i can relate to it so much ❤ a very mature cute song 

Sinner's Prayer - 9/10 i didn't like it when I listen to the live version. But the song is MAGICAL!! Her voice the production the theme of the song, sverything is mature and dirty and dark and classy... magical song

Come To Mama - 9/10 I wasn't expected to be that good!! I enjoy listen to it, a great mix of instruments and a joyful voice

Hey Girl - 8/10 like Come To Mama, I thought it's a filler track. The music is sick. Make me wants to get drunk and talk to a stranger about my problems. 

Angel Down - 10/10 the definition of "FLAWLESS" Excellent voice, excellent and smart production! Strong message. I like how it starts and it ends.

Till now Joanne Album:  9/10 

Cant wait for Grigio Girls and Just Another Day. 



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EllieSioux   Paws Up 13
6 hours ago, Robo Ga said:

My initial review (all is subject to change, since I have only listened a couple times and my opinions always grow and change!) ALSO, I haven't heard Grigio Girls or Just Another Day yet bc my leaked version is just the standard, Ill update when I hear them!

Diamond Heart: 9/10  Powerful. The build up is strong and the chorus is a classic Gaga-sounding anthem. I can't help but dance when the chorus comes on. I feel like I was more ready for this song because I had already heard the PI vocal style, so it wasn't a shock to me like PI was. The bridge with just that slamming beat makes me so excited for the Joanne ball. FAV LYRIC: Young wild American, come on baby, do you have a girlfriend? + I might not be flawless, but ya know I've got a diamond heart. 

A-YO: 7/10 A fun bop. I love the lower register of her voice used in the verses. I also think the lyrics are cheeky and fun, the chant in the chorus is fun. Overall though, it veers too into the country genre to be an immediate fav of mine. FAV LYRIC: You can try to hate it, You can try to fake it, But baby, I laced it.

Joanne: 10/10 This is quite possibly the best ballad Gaga has ever recorded. Simply broke my heart. Anyone who's lost someone close to them can relate to it. The lyrics are so simple and poignant. The beautiful production and chord changes in the chorus. Her tone is so sweet and sincere, and ultimately so tragic, I cried when I heard it. Picturing Gaga playing it for her father; also thinking about how she perfectly captured how I felt when I lost my mom to cancer. I can't thank God enough for this woman and her art. FAV LYRIC is simply the refrain, for its sweet desperation and the way it gets you to feel that helplessness that comes whenever we face death in life: Girl, where do you think you're going? Where do you think you're going?

John Wayne: 10/10  This is the 2016 Gaga pop song we never knew we wanted. Dark, explosive, sassy. With this amazing electronic/country breakdown (Lets get higgghhhh) which is my absolute FAVOURITE - esp because I've always stanned MJH on ARTPOP, and many on GGD including myself have deemed John Wayne to be MJH's "little brother."My FAV LYRIC is the ICONIC intro: Can I just like hang off the back of your horse and can you go a little FASTER?!

Dancin' In Circles: 10/10 If JW is the song we didn't know we wanted, DIC is that Fame-era Gaga bop we've ALWAYS wanted. This could be her next huge radio hit. Young people will latch on to this song because its perfect for the clubs, and it is unapologetically sexual and controversial. That WHISPER as the chorus has that dark, sexy DIVA-GA vibe. And I love that she screamed the last line of the last chorus. FAV LYRIC: In the fire, I call your name out, up all night tryna rub the pain out.

Perfect Illusion: 7/10 The best part of PI is it's drama. It's over the top and explosive. The key change adds an element of urgency and panic to the song, which I feel represents that horrible realization a person has when they realize their love was an illusion. The vocal style is unique on the album, and very jarring to the listener, but I believe that was done intentionally. Do I think PI should've been a lead single? No. Do I think it'll be f***ing amazing live at the Joanne ball? HELL YES. FAV LYRIC: Dilated, falling free, in a modern ecstasy.

Million Reasons: 8.5/10 The organic sound of this song is what makes it. The way she belts that chorus, you can truly feel her pain. She sounds like a legend in this song TBH. It reminds me of old rocker voices, belting out those classic tunes. It's in a great range for her voice too. This is probably the most "stripped down" song on the album. FAV LYRIC: I bow down to pray, try to make the worst seem better.

Sinner's Prayer: 10/10  This song has a country/soul/alt rock vibe that just works perfectly. I feel it has this western Gaga vibe that reminds me of Telephone (video) & Aura (song.) Some of the best writing Gaga's ever done, period. It reminds me of my other fav alt rock songs, like Little Black Submarines by the Black Keys.  FAV LYRICS (lol this is like the whole song)  : Maybe she's in to deep, her love for him ain't cheap, but it breaks just like a knockoff piece from Fulton street. + Hear my sinner's prayer, I am what I am. + I can carry you, but not your ghosts. + And I don't wanna break the heart of any other man but you.

Come to Mama: 7/10 Lyrics are ON POINT for this one too. I love the Born This Way-ish message in the song. This surprised me honestly. I was very shocked to hear she had an old swing-style song that sounds like it should be on the Hairspray soundtrack. :toofunny:  Also, the title sounds v sexual and it's not sexual at all, more maternal and loving. Not my fav genre in the world. I need some more time with this one. I must say though, it's already stuck in my head. FAV LYRIC: So why do we gotta tell each other how to live? The only prisons that exist are ones we put each other in.

Hey Girl: 9/10  Probably the most sonically interesting song on the record. The slow-jam beat and spacey synths make for great stoner music. The back and fourth is cute and interesting. It reminds me a lot of Frank Ocean's Super Rich Kids. It just sounds so trippy and chilled out, it's my fav production on the album. The bridge where they harmonize together is just beautiful. I absolutely love the lyrics of the bridge, they tell a familiar story of friendship and that one other person you can lean on. FAV LYRICS: Hold my hair back, walk me home, cuz we can't find a cab, and we danceHeld hands like we were 17 again, and then its 4am, the sun is creeping up again, don't you leave me, oh darlin don't you leave me.

Angel Down: 9/10 This song is darker than I've ever heard from Gaga, ever since Princess Die. The lyrics will take me longer than just one day to figure out. There's so many layers to this song, I barely know where to start. I picture Gaga singing this with a piano in the rain, on the streets of New York, next to a crime scene; perhaps with a woman shot on the ground and no one running to save her. The production is very understated and compliments her voice in a forlorn yet pretty way. I can't help but think this song may have themes with violence in America, and I can't help but think about the many horrible shootings might've inspired this song. The end is eerie and haunting. FAV LYRICS: Shots were fired on the street, by the church where we used to meet, angel down, angel down, but the people just stood around.


As of now, JOANNE is tied with BTW as my favourite Gaga album ever.



you write so wonderfully about music and i can tell it comes naturally too!! you must be a gifted writer :unicorn:

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QueenHunty   Paws Up 1,223

I have three words for you. 

Come To Mama.


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SEXODUS   Paws Up 4,810

DIAMOND HEART: 7/10. Beat is sick. I love her vocals into this. I'm not drawn to the chorus, it starts to bore me to the end. Good song but I don't share everyone's excitement about it. 

A-Yo: 9/10. The only snippet that hyped my ass and left me smokin' em all waiting for the full thing. Funny, catchy, slightly less vigorous than the live performance. The least they can do is making this a promo single. Guitar is siiiiiiiiiiiiiick. 


I expected some kind of cameo by Nancy Sinatra with These Boots Are Made For Walkin' :v:


Joanne: 9.5/10. I can't with this one, where do I think I'm gooooueeeen? Emotional, it's pure emotion. Title tracks with Gags are always a safe bet (ARTPOP song says hi).

John Wayne: 9/10. Heavy Metal Lover's new born child. We're all a little strung out on these John Waynes, Gags, thanks for this bop. It would make a good single. 

Dancing In Circles: 9/10. Masturbation aside (I'd remind y'all Anaconda was a hit...), the beat here is very trendy, charts are full of it so if it was up to me this would've been a single yesterday. I can see the masses wanting to funk downtown to this. 


when you're lonely, call me Tony :ladyhaha:

Perfect Illusion: 7/10. No wonder the title, this track has very little to do with the album. Still badly produced. Worst choice for 1st single since Make Me... :awkney: at least Applause was a success after all.

Million Reasons: 7/10. The track that gave a me million reasons to stay and join this site for the JOANNTICIPATION.

Sinner's Prayer: 8/10. Far west is callin'. I like it but I'm not mad about it. Best guitar you'll find through the entire album.

Come To Mama: 6/10. I remember some folks sayin' this was supposed to be sexy. Is it sexy? I don't think so. :madge: More like the intro to some ol' sitcom back in the 70s. I can't connect with it, sorreh. 

Hey Girl: 10/10. I went to a F+TM concert last april and it was one of the most memorable experience of my life. Flo is one of the greatest singers we have out there and I couldn't believe she was teaming up w/ my other favorite. Back in 2013 I was doing a back and forth between her latest album and ARTPOP. Surprising track, I kind of want them to be a thing now? :oprah:


help each other through the dancin' in circles sessions maybe :v:

Angel Down: 10/10. It isn't PI the social song on Johann, this one is. I was blown away by the lyrics and its meaning, the sounds are the most mature I've ever heard on a LG album. Get those awards, baby. 

In closing, sorry to disagree with some of you saying this is her best album so far. Definetely the most stripped-down and mature but I feel like her legacy consists of BTW and TFM. I'll take me some time to process Joanne. 

See ya in 2022 with the #LG6ANTICIPATION mess 


to discuss why Joanne Act II is nowhere to be found :poot:


Edited by SEXODUS
𝐈𝐧 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐧𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐩𝐚𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐳𝐳𝐢, 𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐢𝐧' 𝐩𝐚𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐳𝐳𝐢 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐛*𝐭𝐜𝐡.


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Phoenix   Paws Up 17,272

Top 3: Dancin In Circles, John Wayne, Joanne (or Diamond Heart)

Bottom 3: Come To Mama, Hey Girl, Angel Down



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bowie1986   Paws Up 130

1. Diamond Heart, 7/10: It's losing it's appeal the more I listen to it. Good opener but not sure that it will leave a long term impression on me when weighed against the rest of the album.

2. A-Yo, 8/10: Studio version is much better than her live version. I think it will do well as a single.

3. Joanne, 7.5/10: Soft, pretty, simple.

4. John Wayne, 7/10: Whisper rocks. I like the production, especially during the chorus. I definitely get bored during the song.

5. Dancing' In Circles, 8/10: One of the best surprises. The snippet seemed like it would be one of the worst songs on the album, but it definitely reminds me of old Gaga.

6. Perfect Illusion, 7/10: I now see why this was chosen as the single. It's high energy, and I kind of like the placement of it within the album. It's definitely following a narrative both sonically and lyrically.

7. Million Reasons, 6.5/10: I think it's a very weak single choice. However, I like the way it fits into the sonic and lyrical narrative of the album. Otherwise, pretty boring.

8. Sinner's Prayer, 8/10: I love it. It feels a little softer and a little less country than the studio version. I love the lyrics, and the repurpose of the Fade beat is orgasmic.

9. Come to Mama, 9/10: This is where Mark shines. This is where Gaga is able to strike a balance between a sound that is new and could have mass appeal. Wow. Fav snippet, fav song. Hope Just Another Day can live up to the snippet as well.

10. Hey Girl, 6/10: Weakest on the album. Very sexy, I like the psychedelic sound, but really just not enough going on.

11. Angel Down, 8.5/10: Haunting. Great ballad. Something about the chorus, very beginning, and very end all resonate with me very strongly.


Album -- around an 8/10. I think it's her best album. PI and MR had me losing faith until I got the snippets. Glad I didn't give up on Joanne.



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StJames   Paws Up 364

John Waye is my jam! Love love LOVE IT!!!





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Miracle   Paws Up 5,766

Diamond Heart. 9,25. Could've been even better with a stronger chorus but the lyrics to this song are so powerful in those sweet electrocountry backgrounds I can give it less than a 9

A-YO. 8,5. May be Joanne's worst song. That doesn't mean it's bad at all: it's just that there are 10 Joanne tracks better than A-YO. I love the fact that we got a better version of MANiCURE. 

Joanne. 10. Enchanting, broody, beautiful. To be honest, her second best ballad

John Wayne. 8,75. If only this had a stronger chorus...conceptually, it may be one Gaga's weirdest electroclash songs and gives me HML vibes

Dancin' In Circles 9,25: OMG this bop is outta this world. I've nothing to complain about this track but I can't give it a 10 when songs like Joanne exist, which are way richer both lyrically and melodically. P.S. Can't wait to put my fishnets and ripped black shorts on and dance to this non-stop

Perfect Illusion 9,5: I still get goosebumps from my good sis PI. The key change actually changed my life. So much anger and pain was rubbed out in this song

Million Reasons 9,5: Another heartwrenching ballad. It makes think of Gaga singing with her fingertips bleeding due to guitar practise in the middle of Canadian mountains

Sinner's Prayer 10+: HAVE YOU HEARD THE LYRICS? THE INSTRUMENTAL AND THE HONESTY IN HER VOCALS? Sinner's Prayer could've easily belonged to Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan

Come To Mama 9,6: I wasn't ready to listen to an unapologetic Christmas / Winter jingle in the middle of all this folk but surprisingly, it fits the album and is one of the best parts of it. The sax solo reminds me of my favourite song of all time (The Edge Of Glory) and my fourth favourite song of all time (Thunder Road)

Hey Girl 8,7-9,2. It's going to be hard to decide this song's score. While the production is smooth and easily ties album's ominous tracks' productions (Sinner's Prayer, Angel Down), the melody feels unfinished. 

Angel Down 10+. This song tore my soul into pieces and made my mother give birth to me again. I was rescued by angels and put into a crystal cradle full of hopeless love.


Average: 9,35 - 9,45 (The score will probably end up being 9,2 if Grigio Girls is as bland as the snippet). Certainly, Joanne is way better than ARTPOP and The Fame and, probably, better than TFM. Joanne is Born This Way 60s/70s hippie aunt







Edited by Miracle


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Dawson   Paws Up 6,431

Diamond Heart - 9/10

A-Yo - 7/10

Joanne - 9/10

John Wayne - 8/10

Dancin' in Circles - 8/10

Perfect Illusion - 8/10

Million Reasons - 8/10

Sinner's Prayer - 7.5/10

Come To Mama - 4/10

Hey Girl - 5/10

Angel Down - 9/10


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zexion_armando   Paws Up 241

Prepares to be called a troll, but I don't care.


its better than ARTPOP but that's not a high bar to clear...


John Wayne, Angel Down, Perfect Illusion, and Sinners Prayers are the only songs worthy of listening to.


the rest suffer from really bad repeitiion (Joanne, Million Reasons) or struggle from completely awful composition and production (Ayo).


not worth waiting 3 years for, 6/10 if only because her vocals save the bad songs 

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