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aaronyoji   Paws Up 1,589
Just now, G Y P S Y said:

Sis where have you BEEN?!

working! jerking off incessantly!! binge watching scrubs!! 

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malazam   Paws Up 9,878
1 hour ago, AmenTheNight said:

Diamond Heart : 9/10
This album's The Edge of Glory. It's such a powerful opener, a very modern track with a lot of retro rock influences. Great bridge, totally unique.

A-Yo : 8.5/10
An interesting mashup between pop, country and rock, a true bop, one of the biggest bops on the album. A bit too similar to MANiCURE and Shake It Off if I had to find its weaknesses, still an album highlight.

Joanne : 8/10
Finally a Gaga ballad that doesn't sound like the kind of ballad we would expect from her. Beautiful, simple, yet very thought out. I'm curious to hear what it would sound like with more piano, but the production is ON POINT. However, this one gets boring after a few plays.

John Wayne : 9/10
WOW, now that's a Gaga pop ROCK song. Surprising, a great hook, one of the best songs on the album. I love the laid back energy given through the whole song, and the electro/rock bridge is just heavenly. I love it. I doubt it would work as a single, but its quality is undeniable.

Dancin' In Circles : 10/10
Ugh, how I wish this was the lead single and released in July. A song right in the tropical trend, but very "Gaga pop", trendy yet different thanks to the guitars. A great beat, a TF/TFM voice throwback. I understand why a lot of people fell in love with it, this one sends us back to the classic Gaga that we fell in love with in 2008, but with a very modern song.

Perfect Illusion : 7.5/10
Chosing this song as the lead single was a huge mistake. The song as a whole is a good album track, but the lyrics are among the most repetitive on the album. Verses are weak musically and lyrics-wise. That being said, I love her singing-screaming style, the key change is audacious, pleasing and very refreshing, the bridge is once again really good. This song had so much potential as an album track, but needed more time for more AND better lyrics, a better structure, and a real buildup to the chorus (or an explosive chorus after "it was a perfect illusion").

Million Reasons : 10/10
The best ballad in her catalogue. She finally got it right with a ballad, I was waiting for this song since The Fame. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Melancholic, a great melody, displaying all the shades of her voice. A very sophisticated yet simple instrumental, just awesome.

Sinner's Prayer : 7/10
We're getting into the weaker part of the album. The studio version is way better to the live version, to begin with. It's a nice country pop sing along (probably the most country song on the album with A-YO), with very nice lyrics ... But I fear it might feel flat and overplayed very fast. This time, I'm not so fond of the high energy at the end of the song. I suspect a sample in the guitar riffs (?), I may be wrong though. Not my favorite, but I like it anyway, and I'm sure people will love it !

Come To Mama : 7/10
This one is so hard to rate. It's a guilty pleasure, but Imma be honest, the lyrics make me cringe. As a whole, this song sounds very retro, I hear Elton John and Beatles influences. And yes, it does sound like a christmas song. Despite all of this, it's hard to not sing along to this one, it's very catchy. It sounds like a very good song for a movie.

Hey Girl ft. Florence Welch : 6/10
Such a waste of talent on this song. Lyrics aren't very witty, the song drags on for too long, and is very very flat. I might end up loving it because of the great instrumental, but it's really not up to Florence's and Gaga's level. I can't figure how this song can work in live performances without Florence, I really don't want it on the tour if it's just Gaga singing all the lyrics or singing with the backing track. The song is cool and pretty fun, but yeah, nothing amazing.

Angel Down : 9/10
Sounds like a Lana Del Rey song, and that's a very good thing. Best lyrics on the album, awesome production, but I wish her voice was softer in some parts (like at the end of the song). Incredible song as a whole, it wouldn't work as a single, but it's definitely an album highlight.

Global Review : 8,2/10
As expected, Joanne delivered where she had to : vocals, instruments, and melodies. Her musical ear really improved since ARTPOP, she explored new genres and influences and overrall, it suits her very well. A very cohesive and solid body of work, that continues a journey through pop rock that she started with Born This Way. It's audacious, different from what people expect from her and from the current trends, and keeps a very pop heart through the whole album. If I had to compare with albums done by pop girls, Joanne would be standing in the middle of Ray of Light (for its very pure and mature style) and American Life (for the strong acoustic influences).

However, if the album shows really emotional, powerful and beautiful lyrics (Angel Down, Joanne, Million Reasons), some tend to be cringy and not so good (Perfect Illusion, Come To Mama, Hey Girl). The second weakness of the album would be that it could get tiring to hear her scream so often in her songs - personally I love it for now, but we'll see how it stands the test of time.

To conclude, Joanne shows that it's now silly to try to rank her albums, as it would make no sense to compare the dark greatness of The Fame Monster with the artistic universe of Born This Way, and the unique blonde icon following a self-fulfilled prophecy from The Fame with the grown rock lover that is Joanne. ARTPOP was a good pop album filled with bops, but this album proves that Gaga is no longer a trend follower : she's now taking a new turn in her career and will keep on redefining what's POP for her at the moment. And that's what her career seems to be aiming for : to always redefine what is POP, without ever making it "low, brow".

Potential singles : Million Reasons, Diamond Heart, A-Yo, Dancin In Circles

I only disagree with the Sinner's Prayer review.....I think It's better than A-YO

I'd Esther give Sinner's Prayer a 8.5 and Come To Mama a 8.

A-YO a 7.5 and 6 to Perfect Illusion, it doesn't fit the album, maybe bc I over listened when it came out just like Applause.....

another shot before we kiss the other side


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besus   Paws Up 101

Joanne (song) - I think anyone who has lost someone semi-recently (or ever) will have this reaction. The first verse is sweet and sort of whatever, but the moment the chorus kicks in, it's like a ****ing kick in the gut. The shock and incredulity and unwillingness to believe or accept that someone is gone...that melody catches it. Girl, where do you think you're going? Please stay...

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Nagini   Paws Up 178

Diamond Heart - 9/10 

A-YO - 8/10 

Joanne - 5/10

John Wayne - 9/10

Dancin' in Circles - 9/10

Perfect Illusion - 8/10

Million Reasons - 7.5/10

Sinner's Prayer - 7.5/10

Come To Mama - 4/10

Hey Girl - 5/10

Angel Down - 9/10

Couple songs I don't really like that much but overall, im really satisfied with the album! Definitely has some of the best songs she's ever written 


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ctrclub   Paws Up 35

Diamond Heart 10/10

A-YO 10/10

Joanne 5/10 (Too slow for me)

John Wayne 9/10

Dancin' In Circles 10/10

Perfect Illusion 10/10

Million Reasons 8/10 (I surprisingly like this ballad)

Sinner's Prayer 7/10 (I wish it was more upbeat)

Come To Mama 1/10 (I can't get into the song)

Hey Girl 8/10

Angel Down 5/10 (Too slow for me)

Overall: 7.5/10


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Ugly Boy   Paws Up 3,489
Ugly Boy

diamond heart 8.5/10

a-yo 8/10

joanne 7.5/10

john wayne 9/10

dancin' in circles 9.5/10

perfect illusion 7/10

million reasons 6.5/10

sinner's prayer 6.5/10

come to mama 6.5/10

hey girl 9/10

angel down 9.5/10


despite the slower end section which i think drags on a bit imo this is her best album , angel down and dancin' in circles are total stand outs in her catalogue


i will fight anyone about anything


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DSK   Paws Up 333

Diamond Heart - 10/10 

The verses start OK, but when it gets to the chorus HOLY CRAP. Gives me Livin' on a Prayer vibes - explosive, upbeat and empowering in some way. One of the bests in the album without a doubt, could be a great radio hit. I can totally see people screaming it in their cars and in clubs.


A-YO - 9/10

A timeless song, imo. The instrumental is very cacthy and the song screams careless fun. Stays good the whole time, without any down points. Not the kind of song everyone will enjoy, however, that's why I rated it 9 instead of 10.


Joanne - 8/10

Never thought I'd live to listen to a Gaga song with such a calm guitar playing in the background - and that it would sound so good. The song isn't a depressing ballad, but rather a beautiful lullaby. Not the most relatable lyrics, though. A good song to listen to when you're doing other things and not paying full attention to it, I'd say. Very relaxing and great melody.


John Wayne - 7/10

The rebel of the album. Great beats, explosive chorus and just makes you want to run redlights and feel careless. Verses could be a little more interesting imo, but a good, fun track regardless.


Dancin' in Circles - 9/10

The most fun song on the album. It can really make you want to stand up and dance around. The most 'Gaga' as well. Very different from everything that's out there, maybe that's why it sounds so good and fresh. Can totally imagine myself dancing to it drunk/high and having the time of my life with friends around. And THAT SCREAM gets me every time.


Perfect Illusion - 8/10

Amazing verses, amazing chorus, but repetitive ending, unfortunately. Still one of my favorites in the album and gets me moving and wanting to sing along every time.


Million Reasons - 9/10

It's really easy to like this one. It's very heart felt, relatable and her voice sounds soft + amazing on it. Probably one of her simplest yet most touching ballads ever.


Sinner's Prayer - 10/10

Maybe my favorite in the album. It feels just so... real, honest, I don't know. Her voice sounds like she's singing it from the depths of her mind and heart, even though the song isn't that emotional or anything. The melody is perfect and the chorus is catchy as hell. Just close your eyes and sing along. It feels so good =)


Come To Mama - 6/10

Sounds too much like a Christmas song for my taste. It's a light and cute song, but it doesn't make you want to dance or think about life or anything too profound. That's it, I guess it's a quite shallow song. Not bad, just doesn't stand out. The screaming in the end could not be there lol. I agree when people say it sounds a little like Fashion!, from this perspective.


Hey Girl - 5/10

Way too repetitive, for me. Expected much more from this collaboration. The lyrics are good, but that's it.


Angel Down - 6/10

A good song for sure, but a bit too melancholic for my personal taste. The production and vocals are amazing, but I don't relate to it at all. It's not as touching as a love ballad, and the religious metaphors don't help much - again, for me. I can understand why people love it, though.


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Bazaar   Paws Up 2,550

Diamond Heart (10/10): WOW. I really don't know what to say, this song just has everything the verses are killing, the chours, the bridge. 
For sure my fav track off this album, It has to be a single.

A-YO (8/10): Catchy. fun, dancy. 
Love this track because of it's MANiCURE vibes, an endless bop. 

Joanne (9/10): One of my favorite songs from the album, the lyrics, her voice, you can actually feel the pain throgh the song.
First listen gave me goosebumps.

John Wayne (8/10): THE INTRO OMG, such a hit, good lyrics, the bit, the darkness, really love this one.
This song makes me want to grab a beer and a cigarette. idk why.

Dancin' In Circles (10/10): A JAM, I wanna have sex to it (:ladyhaha:).
Second favorite track from the album.The bridge gives me life so as the scream.

Perfect Illusion (9/10): THE DANCE ANTHEM.

Million Reasons (9/10): One of Gaga's best ballads ever. The chours give me chills, her vocals are everything on this one.

Sinner's Prayer (6/10): Least favorite track so far, I love the chours but the song is quite boring... idk maybe it'll grow on me.

Come To Mama (10/10): 80s vibes, the lyrics, the production, the vocals makes me feel like I'm listening to an old classic song. I love it and I also think that it has a good potential as a future single.

Hey Girl (7/10): You can tell they had fun making this track.
Their vocals match so much but it feel like they repeat "hey girl" too much and that's quite annoying.
But I really like the lyrics and the production.

Angel Down (10/10): WOW the lyrics got me emotional, the production is KILLING, and the message of the song is amazing.

Grigio Girls:

Just Another Day:

Angel Down (Work Tape):


Overall (10/10): I can't give less than 10 to a Gaga album :awkney: really enjoyed it, gave me many btw vibes, Gaga wasn't kidding by saying that Joanne is BTW's sister haha.
I hope it sells well and GP will love it because she really gave her soul into this album & she deserves the best. 

Edited by Bazaar


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Toph   Paws Up 157

I would place my favorite albums by her as follows:

Joanne = BTW > TFM > ARTPOP > TF

I love Joanne. Every song really does tell a story. I'm finding that I keep getting the melody of the title track stuck in my head, I keep going back to it. Million Reasons must be a single. 

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StarBoy   Paws Up 58

Joanne>>>>>>>>>All Of Her Albums! My scalp is bleeding!..And I give a perfect 10 on each track cause they sound unique to each other and they re so good on its own. I stan all of the songs tbh. Its the first time i didnt skipped any track of a Gaga album. Bookmark me. This will be her best and critically acclaimed album yet.:diane:

Rock N Roll B*tches!


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retroglamx   Paws Up 4,089
3 hours ago, besus said:

Joanne (song) - I think anyone who has lost someone semi-recently (or ever) will have this reaction. The first verse is sweet and sort of whatever, but the moment the chorus kicks in, it's like a ****ing kick in the gut. The shock and incredulity and unwillingness to believe or accept that someone is gone...that melody catches it. Girl, where do you think you're going? Please stay...

I cried through the whole thing. I was thinking of my mom the whole time. It was truly an experience.

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jackoajl   Paws Up 70

Diamond Heart - 10/10 - Sounds like a Marion Raven first track song

A-Yo - 6/10 Sounds like MANiCURE

Joanne - 8/10 Sounds like a Jessica Simpson Ballad

Jonh Wayne - 10/10 My new Heavy Metal Lover

Dancin' In Circles - 8/10 So TFM

Perfect Illusion - 9/10

Million Reason - 8/10

Sinner's Pray - 7/10 Sounds like a song from Cher's álbum "Not Commercial"

Come To Mama - 6/10 My least favorite

Hey Girl - 7/10

Angel Down - 10/10 Reminds me Vanessa Carlton's "In The End" or "Ascencion" song


Overall Rating - 8/10 sounds like a Mandy Moore album, and for me that's a good thing, very indie and so personal.

My new single #Tregua available on your favorite streaming service


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Togekiss   Paws Up 553

Every song is great. I would say I'm slayed but that just doesn't quite work.

These songs make me feel excited, yet comfortable? Sexy but all dressed up? Funky but chill? Idk how to describe it but I am so so proud of my girl. I guess the only thing to say is Joanne vibes.

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Robo Ga   Paws Up 8,518
Robo Ga

My initial review (all is subject to change, since I have only listened a couple times and my opinions always grow and change!) ALSO, I haven't heard Grigio Girls or Just Another Day yet bc my leaked version is just the standard, Ill update when I hear them!

Diamond Heart: 9/10  Powerful. The build up is strong and the chorus is a classic Gaga-sounding anthem. I can't help but dance when the chorus comes on. I feel like I was more ready for this song because I had already heard the PI vocal style, so it wasn't a shock to me like PI was. The bridge with just that slamming beat makes me so excited for the Joanne ball. FAV LYRIC: Young wild American, come on baby, do you have a girlfriend? + I might not be flawless, but ya know I've got a diamond heart. 

A-YO: 7/10 A fun bop. I love the lower register of her voice used in the verses. I also think the lyrics are cheeky and fun, the chant in the chorus is fun. Overall though, it veers too into the country genre to be an immediate fav of mine. FAV LYRIC: You can try to hate it, You can try to fake it, But baby, I laced it.

Joanne: 10/10 This is quite possibly the best ballad Gaga has ever recorded. Simply broke my heart. Anyone who's lost someone close to them can relate to it. The lyrics are so simple and poignant. The beautiful production and chord changes in the chorus. Her tone is so sweet and sincere, and ultimately so tragic, I cried when I heard it. Picturing Gaga playing it for her father; also thinking about how she perfectly captured how I felt when I lost my mom to cancer. I can't thank God enough for this woman and her art. FAV LYRIC is simply the refrain, for its sweet desperation and the way it gets you to feel that helplessness that comes whenever we face death in life: Girl, where do you think you're going? Where do you think you're going?

John Wayne: 10/10  This is the 2016 Gaga pop song we never knew we wanted. Dark, explosive, sassy. With this amazing electronic/country breakdown (Lets get higgghhhh) which is my absolute FAVOURITE - esp because I've always stanned MJH on ARTPOP, and many on GGD including myself have deemed John Wayne to be MJH's "little brother."My FAV LYRIC is the ICONIC intro: Can I just like hang off the back of your horse and can you go a little FASTER?!

Dancin' In Circles: 10/10 If JW is the song we didn't know we wanted, DIC is that Fame-era Gaga bop we've ALWAYS wanted. This could be her next huge radio hit. Young people will latch on to this song because its perfect for the clubs, and it is unapologetically sexual and controversial. That WHISPER as the chorus has that dark, sexy DIVA-GA vibe. And I love that she screamed the last line of the last chorus. FAV LYRIC: In the fire, I call your name out, up all night tryna rub the pain out.

Perfect Illusion: 7/10 The best part of PI is it's drama. It's over the top and explosive. The key change adds an element of urgency and panic to the song, which I feel represents that horrible realization a person has when they realize their love was an illusion. The vocal style is unique on the album, and very jarring to the listener, but I believe that was done intentionally. Do I think PI should've been a lead single? No. Do I think it'll be f***ing amazing live at the Joanne ball? HELL YES. FAV LYRIC: Dilated, falling free, in a modern ecstasy.

Million Reasons: 8.5/10 The organic sound of this song is what makes it. The way she belts that chorus, you can truly feel her pain. She sounds like a legend in this song TBH. It reminds me of old rocker voices, belting out those classic tunes. It's in a great range for her voice too. This is probably the most "stripped down" song on the album. FAV LYRIC: I bow down to pray, try to make the worst seem better.

Sinner's Prayer: 10/10  This song has a country/soul/alt rock vibe that just works perfectly. I feel it has this western Gaga vibe that reminds me of Telephone (video) & Aura (song.) Some of the best writing Gaga's ever done, period. It reminds me of my other fav alt rock songs, like Little Black Submarines by the Black Keys.  FAV LYRICS (lol this is like the whole song)  : Maybe she's in to deep, her love for him ain't cheap, but it breaks just like a knockoff piece from Fulton street. + Hear my sinner's prayer, I am what I am. + I can carry you, but not your ghosts. + And I don't wanna break the heart of any other man but you.

Come to Mama: 7/10 Lyrics are ON POINT for this one too. I love the Born This Way-ish message in the song. This surprised me honestly. I was very shocked to hear she had an old swing-style song that sounds like it should be on the Hairspray soundtrack. :toofunny:  Also, the title sounds v sexual and it's not sexual at all, more maternal and loving. Not my fav genre in the world. I need some more time with this one. I must say though, it's already stuck in my head. FAV LYRIC: So why do we gotta tell each other how to live? The only prisons that exist are ones we put each other in.

Hey Girl: 9/10  Probably the most sonically interesting song on the record. The slow-jam beat and spacey synths make for great stoner music. The back and fourth is cute and interesting. It reminds me a lot of Frank Ocean's Super Rich Kids. It just sounds so trippy and chilled out, it's my fav production on the album. The bridge where they harmonize together is just beautiful. I absolutely love the lyrics of the bridge, they tell a familiar story of friendship and that one other person you can lean on. FAV LYRICS: Hold my hair back, walk me home, cuz we can't find a cab, and we danceHeld hands like we were 17 again, and then its 4am, the sun is creeping up again, don't you leave me, oh darlin don't you leave me.

Angel Down: 9/10 This song is darker than I've ever heard from Gaga, ever since Princess Die. The lyrics will take me longer than just one day to figure out. There's so many layers to this song, I barely know where to start. I picture Gaga singing this with a piano in the rain, on the streets of New York, next to a crime scene; perhaps with a woman shot on the ground and no one running to save her. The production is very understated and compliments her voice in a forlorn yet pretty way. I can't help but think this song may have themes with violence in America, and I can't help but think about the many horrible shootings might've inspired this song. The end is eerie and haunting. FAV LYRICS: Shots were fired on the street, by the church where we used to meet, angel down, angel down, but the people just stood around.


As of now, JOANNE is tied with BTW as my favourite Gaga album ever.



Edited by Robo Ga
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