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'Joanne' User Reviews Megathread

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 Canon   Paws Up 672


This Mega-thread is for discussion and

User-submitted Reviews for Lady Gaga's latest album, Joanne




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bambi96   Paws Up 887

I've listened to most songs. Only once, I didn't want to spoil it majorly, I'll forget them by the time it's released. But from what I have heard, it's shaping up to be a tremendous album. I really love the direction it's going.

Even the songs which people are slating as 'bad' I'm loving, such as the Mumma one.

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GawdGa   Paws Up 1,399



Diamond Heart - 8/10

A-YO - 9/10

Joanne - 10/10

John Wayne - 9/10

Dancin' in Circles - 10/10

Perfect Illusion - 7/10

Million Reasons - 7.5/10

Sinner's Prayer - 9/10

Come To Mama - 10/10

Hey Girl - 7/10

Angel Down - 10/10



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Red   Paws Up 52,932


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ask me anything :hor: http://gagadaily.com/forums/topic/249494-ask-red-anything/


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Thomas P   Paws Up 11,266
Thomas P

It's her best album by far. It's ****ing amazing!

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Bryoncé, Lorde, Rihanna, Arianna, SZA, and the list goes on


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Oberoso   Paws Up 109

It's the most ''gaga'' album. And I say this cause you can see her talent from (in my opinion) different perspectives. Songs like Come to Mama, Perfect Illusion, Joanne, John wayne . every song screams gaga in such a different way idk if I explain myself lol.

Idk if it's her best album cause I need to listen more. But I liked it more than some of her previous works.

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LibraLove   Paws Up 238

Can someone please send me a link or something??? I'm seriously freaking out because I can't find it and my friend is taking forever to send them!!


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djBuffoon   Paws Up 8,850

1. Born This Way

2. Joanne


4. The Fame

5. The Fame Monster


It is a sensational, completely Gaga experience.

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Tommy Monster   Paws Up 721
Tommy Monster

1. Diamond Heart 8/10 - a nice opener, but nothing that much special in terms of originality, reminds me of a Pink song... still good though, definitely boppable, and the bridge and the last chorus are incredible :music:

2. A-Yo 7/10 - surprisingly not as bad as I expected, much better than the live version that we had, but it´s just another MANiCURE that I wasn´t a great fan of... still boppable :music:

3. Joanne 7/10 - expected more from this song, it´s nice and emotional, but pretty empty when it comes to lyrics... I´d like to feel what she´s trying to say, but it gets lost... nice ballad though :)

4. John Wayne 10/10 - this song is life, the intro slays my existence and the whole song is really great, love the instrumental, the outro, simply just everything :giveup:

5. Dancing in Circles 10/10 - we were never ready for this slayage, this is hands down the best song of the album :firega: and the ending where she goes an octave higher, I died :diane:

6. Perfect Illusion 9/10 - I see why this was the first single... it surely is one of the better songs, representative, and it leaves a space for better songs to shine later :)

7. Million Reasons 8/10 - a nice ballad, really one of the better ones she did, but not the best, love it though

8. Sinner´s Prayer 7/10 - after the bar tour I hated the song so much, but it´s starting to grow on me, the studion version is pretty good and the last chorus slays... still not her typical sound though, a song that could be better

9. Come to Mama 10/10 - this is the biggest surprise and the biggest song of the album, its heart, its warm hug, its soul, its everything :giveup: the lyrics, the vibe, the melody, this song is everything :diane:

10. Hey Girl 6/10 - so far, the biggest leddown, the lyrics are good, their voices are perfect, but the intrumental just ins´t for me and my taste

11. Angel Down 10/10 - Best Gaga ballad, best lyrics, instant goosebumps :diane:

Overall: 8.2/10 - pretty good, surprisingly catchy, surprisingly great, it´s just incredible that she did it again with a style that I would never expect to like :music:

Album ranking: ARTPOP, TFM, Joanne, TF, BTW

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Craig Barnes   Paws Up 7,645
Craig Barnes

This is her best ablum !! :)

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I miss you guys so much. I can't wait to get back


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Kimihiro   Paws Up 1,229

Born This Way was more epic, but Joanne is more solid. Highlights: DH, JW and DIC. They're good and depending on the situations could be hits. Special mention to (Chaos) Angel Down. Arguably her best ballad to date. Never thought Gaga could make a song like that. I'm excited for the work tape version hope it's more epic.

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MonsterMarty   Paws Up 84

The best thing about Joanne is the lack of fillers. The peaks are pretty standard for a Gaga album, but there's much shallower dips between the standouts. Best tracks from the first few listens:

Angel Down (everything of today in a ballad of perfect songwriting and production)

Come To Mama (lyrics a little corny, but in a good way. Sax instrumental is outstanding)

Dancin' In Circles (most exquisite track, it's fantastically Gaga)

Diamond Heart (a little basic [don't @ me] but its verses make up for it and then some. Think TIHTY but with specifics and resilience that's as heartbreaking as it is empowering)

Oh and let's be real, this genre will age FAR better than any Gaga record before it, even Born This Way.

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Sizzily   Paws Up 14,541

Diamond Heart - 10/10

A-YO - 6/10

Joanne - 8/10

John Wayne - 9/10

Dancin' in Circles - 7/10

Perfect Illusion - 8/10

Million Reasons - 7/10

Sinner's Prayer - 10/10

Come To Mama - 10/10

Hey Girl - 10/10

Angel Down - 10/10

For once, a Gaga album that is back-loaded instead of front-loaded. :sweat:

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I’d be damned if I’d go in; I’d had enough of all of them


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SummerGirl21   Paws Up 504

Moving my thread here: 

Diamond Heart - 6/10. I like this song, but it's definitely a song for the fans. It's very Highway Unicorn to me. But better. Still, it's extravagant, which is great for Gaga fans but not for the GP. 

A-YO - 7/10. I like A-YO, but I don't LOVE IT. I don't even really know why. But it's definitely the better version of MANiCURE. I do love her energy when she plays this live. 

Joanne - 11/10. HANDS DOWN the best track on this album. It's Stevie meets Dylan meets Gaga. The melody emits so much emotion. One of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Gaga songs EVER. 

John Wayne - 10/10. Awesome track. It's like MJH without the unnecessary cheese. Possibly my second favorite on the album.

Dancin' In Circles - 8/10. This song should be a single. It has that tropical vibe that is so popular right now. The talking part does sound A LOT like MIA's "Bird Song" though. I don't care, but it just does. It gets an 8, mostly because I expected something funkier from the Beck song. 

PI - 7/10. This is a good song. I understand why it was the first single...but it really shouldn't have been. I think it's among the weaker songs on the album. Key change still rules though. 

Million Reasons - 8/10. It's the weakest ballad on the album. That's all I have to say. 

Sinner's Prayer - 10/10. Johnny Cash says HEYYYYYY. I love this song. That bass line is LIFE. I loved it in Nashville. I love it even more on the album. 

Come to Mama - 5/10. I don't hate it. It just bores me. I will probably always skip this song. 

Hey Girl - 9/10. SYNTH ELTON JOHN? YES PLEASE. I agree with other people that it's a little repetitive. But I really, really like this sound. I want moooore of it. 

Angel Down - 8/10. Good ballad. But it's no Joanne. Still, it's a really solid way to end the album. 

Overall - 8/10. I think this is Gaga's second-best album (with TFM being the best). It's artistically SO STRONG. She is making music that SHE wants to make, which makes me very proud of her and happy for her. A lot of the songs sound like past songs that are just...well...better. Bravo Gaga! So so freaking happy about this album!

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