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An urgent message for Lady Gaga... *UPDATED*

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Vernier   Paws Up 3,786

Good lawd, it's like a whole underground cache/treasure cove of messiness I didn't even know about :rip:

Standom- serious business y'all :smh: 

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn


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RAMROD   Paws Up 28,709

So long he won't stab Gaga,

or send her a packet of acid bomb like that psycho Bjork fan, I am cool.

Otherwise I'll hunt him down, bruh! :dreamwarrior:


ʎǝɐɥ¡ dǝodןǝ ןıʞǝ ʎon ɾnsʇ ɟnǝן ɯʎ ɟıɹǝ¡


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