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Lady Gaga performs at Royal Albert Hall, dedicates 'La Vie En Rose' to Prince Harry


Lady Gaga performs at Royal Albert Hall, dedicates 'La Vie En Rose' to Prince Harry

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett brought their Cheek to Cheek world tour to the United Kingdom and played London's iconic Royal Albert Hall as part of a fundraising gala for WellChild, a national charity working to help children and young people with complex health needs receive quality medical care.

Prince Harry, who is a patron of the charity, met with the duo for a quick chat before they went on stage. Gaga told the prince: "We are so happy to be here tonight and be of any help, we think you are fantastic. And thank you for bringing it here so we can support you."

Explaining how they collaborated on their jazz album, Bennett said: "I heard her personally and said we have to get together." Harry told him: "I can't believe you have the energy, I don't know how you do it." But Gaga joked: "He runs circles round me. Wait until we get on stage!"

During the show, Gaga dedicated Edith Piaf's "La Vie En Rose" to the charity. "I would like to dedicate this song tonight to the wonderful organization WellChild and Prince Harry," she told the crowd. "Together they are raising awareness and money for children and it takes care of them for a very long period of time making sure they're looked after. I think if you have a voice and you choose to use it for good things, that is something to be applauded."

Gaga added, "So tonight, let's cheers to them, to doing good things. Because if anyone can afford a ticket to be here tonight, you're doing pretty fucking good."

The show reportedly raised more than £100,000 for WellChild.

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