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Lady Gaga's Joanne World Tour Opener Earns Rave Critic Reviews

Lady Gaga's Joanne World Tour Opener Earns Rave Critic Reviews
Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty via ET Canada

Lady Gaga kicked off her highly-anticipated Joanne World Tour in Vancouver, Canada on Tuesday night and set Twitter ablaze with fans praising the show's insane production, its satisfying set list, which represented each of Gaga's albums, and, of course, the singer's vocal talent and stage presence. Little Monsters, however, weren't the only ones who enjoyed the tour's opening night, as the show received rave reviews from the critics.

Videos: Lady Gaga Kicks Off Joanne World Tour In Vancouver

Marsha Lederman of Canada's The Globe and Mail called the show's production "jaw-dropping, eyebrow-raising, stunning and seamless, with intricate choreography along with pyrotechnics, and a complex, ingenious design" while Carly Mallenbaum from USA Today wrote that Gaga's voice sounded "pitch-perfect."

In his live review for the Vancouver Sun, journalist Stuart Derdeyn said that the show had "a lot of great examples of how to change costumes and keep crowd engaged," adding: "Two hours very well spent and one of the best concert endings of any major arena."

Robert Collins from CTV Vancouver felt that the concert was "bursting with ideas and emotion," and wrote, "Perhaps pop music in 2017 has better singers, dancers and even all-around entertainers. But it doesn’t have anyone producing more interesting art than Lady Gaga."

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