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Evan Peters praises Lady Gaga, reveals favorite song

Evan Peters praises Lady Gaga, reveals favorite song

Evan Peters says he was surprised by how down-to-earth his American Horror Story: Hotel co-star Lady Gaga is. In a recent interview, the actor praised Gaga for her ability to stay humble and approachable while being "otherworldly creative."

Speaking to Details magazine, he explained: "She's on a higher plane whether it is music or fashion and now it's acting. She has immersed herself in the artistic lifestyle. And she has stayed true to herself, which is something that most people can't do — the people surrounding them don't let them do it. But she has surrounded herself with people that only accept her for who she is. So it has been enlightening to watch her and see her do her thing, her creative process. I have to say it is inspiring and very cool."

Peters also confessed his love for Lady Gaga's music and revealed that his favorite Gaga track is "Alejandro."

"It's an underrated song," Peter added. "I like to bust that one out because it is more under the radar and totally badass. She has really fun music. When you are out dancing and her song comes on, you're like: 'What's up! Hell, yeah!'"

American Horror Story: Hotel returns on January 6th.