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  2. PinkPop

    CEREMONY - Katy Perry Singles

    u lot need to go to a beach with a cocktail and jam to california gurls bishes
  3. Just another day is my favourite.
  4. Y'all can keep your sads until @Haroon gives us credit for them. lol
  5. Phoebe Buffay

    CEREMONY - Katy Perry Singles

    #1 Unconditionally #2 The One That Got Away #3 Teenage Dream or E.T.
  6. Software People

    Netta Covers Judas With Her Nails

    Yaaass KFC's Brand Ambassador
  7. SwissMonster

    LG6 Discussion

    I drive by Studio 204 today. Maybe we stop by quickly. Maybe I can spot something, maybe not though
  8. The entire ARTPOP
  9. Gypsy Life

    Best Gaga Grammy Performance

    Born This Way is the only correct answer.
  10. I approve of the one you had before
  11. LadyLuca

    Netta Covers Judas With Her Nails

    Luv her. Shes cool. This makes me like her a bit more. I rooted for her in eurovision.
  12. DiamondKing

    CEREMONY - Katy Perry Singles

  13. Faysalaaa

    John Voight Asks For People To Support Trump

    Republicans hate when Democratic celebrities mock and demonize republicans and act like they are the moral ones and speak on behalf of everyone. But having a political opinion is not something they oppose.
  14. CrazyMonster

    Why is Larry Rudolph such a failure?

    Her father should have never re-hired him honestly.

    CEREMONY - Katy Perry Singles

  16. i need time to find a good one that u approve of bish this one was a quickie lmao
  17. LateToCult

    Charts Discussion

    Girl they were not here for Joanne. I firmly believe they sort of stuck with it because it was the only new Gaga material.
  18. Mirages

    CEREMONY - Katy Perry Singles

    But E.T. is a great song It really is, especially sonically it's something very unusual and for Katy it's deifferent.
  19. Faysalaaa

    Wendy's employee fired for taking bath in restaurant sink

    Im not American so I dont understand why people say this about Florida.. can u explain? because I always see it
  20. PinkPop

    CEREMONY - Katy Perry Singles

  21. I'm going on Wednesday in Manchester and I'm SO EXCITED!
  22. Is got you...I just can't get used to your new avi the one before was legendary
  23. hausofcy

    Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in The Netherlands

    I just saw some interviews of Duncan post winning. He really is a treasure. He's so adorable, sweet and humble unlike some other winners. Ugh we stan

    Netta Covers Judas With Her Nails

    Iconic song and music video STREAM JUDAS
  25. PinkPop

    CEREMONY - Katy Perry Singles

    I bet E.T. or something silly like that will win. California Gurls - COME ON. I feel like I'm a football match which I've never had the displeasure of going to
  26. Why am I on GGD

    Best Gaga Grammy Performance

    I love so many of them for different reasons. For me it would be a draw between: - Born This Way (a true Gaga performance, good vocals, visuals and choreo) - Moth Into Flame (an epic once in a lifetime performance for her) - Shallow (glam rock at its finest, a side I wish Gaga would show more of )
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