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  2. also steve harrington whump twink of summer 2k19 billy is shaking
  3. I didn't know it was so generally disliked? It's a cute and quirky song, an odd favorite of mine from the album. A lot of my friends who don't listen to Gaga adore this song.
  4. Mr Mirko

    TMZ: Kim K. using Trump connections to free A$AP Rocky

    literally arab migrants or what not attacked him on the streets of Stockholm, b4 or after the concert not shure. There are videos so disturbing. Malmo's streets seems scary. But this was too much.
  5. Miel

    Gaga photos that don’t look like Gaga

    Yeah. Even though Gaga is generally a shapeshifter and an aesthetic chameleon, I think the few times she genuinely looked very, very different was in late-2015. Like, I know she was really emphasizing the "vampiric" look for AHS, and it translated very very well for the show. But outside of it, it was a little... different.
  6. I love it During the Beats1 (?) interview when she previewed the song, she sang it much slower, which gave it much more melody though. Like @youandi says, a slower version would have been cool.
  7. arrtpop

    Popular 'E-Girl' Murdered By Stalker

    when i use “not all”, i’m not implying anything at all and i’m not sure of anyone else who uses that term to imply anything. when people say “not all muslims are terrorists”, that’s, from what i’ve heard, exactly what they mean
  8. Widows Kiss

    Taylor Swift ft. Lady Gaga

    You're gonna have to pay for my hip surgery on the 23th August.
  9. IrishMonster

    Gaga photos that don’t look like Gaga

  10. Borislshere

    Beyoncé- Spirit MV

    I have to laugh. I literally have to laugh. Dyeing your hair does not make you any less accepting of your natural features. That’s like saying people who wear makeup don’t love their natural features. Gaga has a whole song about loving yourself and now has a makeup line, does that invalidate the way she feels about herself? No. It’s just a hair color. Im going to learn to stop reading your replies cause it’s clear that you only say this stuff to get a reaction out of people.
  11. Mr Mirko

    Favorite Album Each Year This Decade

    literally; add reputation and blue lips to 2017, honestly so many disappointments, Xtina was weak, solange, ari to be honest what was that, bravo she worked so har but I am not feeling it. Madame X is fine, there are few good songs, Iggy is a hit or miss. last 3 years are a single era for me. We will see Katy and Tove, Taylor, Gaga hopefully. I forgot to mention witness for 2017, no body put katy on top lol
  12. FlopSlurper

    Makeup tutorial by Gaga and Sarah Tanno on 7/15

    "Monsters don't need implants Or a bitchin' Monster car. Monsters only need to love The Monsters that they are." Gaga during her simpsons appearance also https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/240524/Lady-Gaga-condemns-cosmetic-surgery and she herself promotes insecurities to sell her makeup + looks nothing like how she used to because of plastic surgeries These are two examples of how her message has changed entirely. But keep outright pretending this is how she's always been.
  13. Economy

    Popular 'E-Girl' Murdered By Stalker

    But the way the comment was writen almost implied that toxic masculinity and murder was like somehow a general problem when it's in fact very specific rare cases Also when ppl say "not all" it usually implies a great number still are If that's not what u meant, that's how the language comes across
  14. OMonster

    Taylor Swift ft. Lady Gaga

    Wait, did you make that up?
  15. lego

    Beyoncé- Spirit MV

    Do you have any idea how offensive this sounds? “if it’s supposed to be video about accepting natural beauty, why do women wear makeup or nice clothes?” that’s how silly you sound. First of all, black people CAN have naturally red hair. Even if it’s more rare, so what; gingers are not that common in white populations either. Now you’ll go to explain, “but they have to be biracial or have some european ancestry blah blah”, you’re not a scientist or expert on African DNA so maybe calm down with these theories and let them be. And “so called black empowerment” really sounds you have no racial prejudice, not at all...
  16. I think he fought with 2 stalkers...
  17. Linus Gaga

    Gaga photos that don’t look like Gaga

    She looked way too different from the movie in the poster....... i love her face in this scene tho
  18. First disliking Speechless now Just Another Day?Who are these Mos with such a horrible horrible music taste cuz I really want to b**ch slap some sense to them
  19. bowie1986

    What are your favorite albums of all time?

    1. Grimes, Art Angels 2. Tame Impala, Currents 3. St. Vincent, Strange Mercy 4. Father John Misty, I Love You, Honeybear 5. Amy Winehouse, Back to Black
  20. Widows Kiss

    Chart Discussion

    Isn't he flopping now?
  21. thehanyo

    Iggy Azalea - In My Defense

    Can't waaaaaait
  22. Melech

    TMZ: Kim K. using Trump connections to free A$AP Rocky

    Why was he jailed?
  23. I love the song when I need a pick-up for my mood. It's a nice song to listen to when you're clean your room or cooking, or wake up on a Saturday morning. Some people just have different tastes
  24. thehanyo

    DrunkGa leaving Haus Party

    I used to think the B&W outfits for the past several months were for her new era with the GAGA notes tattoo cover. Now I realize it's just the Haus Labs era cause those are the colors of their logo.
  25. Phoebe Buffay

    Gaga photos that don’t look like Gaga

    There are still those sleepless nights when I wake up in cold sweat caused by these photos
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