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  2. Alexander Levi

    Sims 4!!

    You keep the game after downloading
  3. mister max

    The K-Pop Thread

    An EP And already in 8 days We-
  4. Henri Bardot

    Marine Le Pen leads polls ahead of the European elections

    That woman is a joke to me. Just like her father

    The Fame: The Uncertainty Race

    3 singles in the top At least Brown Eyes is finally gone!!
  6. Epione

    Lady Gaga Earns 5 Millions for private show

    Pink robes and rented SUVs are expensive.

    Russians desire to create more racism and violence

    Russian election meddling was happening before the general election, including the primaries. Trump winning the primary was just as much a Russian effort as it was to get Trump to win in the general. It's widely accepted by all intelligence agencies that the Russians meddled and were very active in states like Michigan that suddenly flipped to Trump. Trump's own appointee: F.B.I. Warns of Russian Interference in 2020 Race https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/26/us/politics/fbi-russian-election-interference.html
  8. ltlmnstr

    Russians desire to create more racism and violence

    I absolutely agree with everything you are saying. It's like you read my mind and typed it out. My post was just highlighting the fact that: Out of all the social media sites, Tumblr was the only one that said "hey, we shut down the russian trolls and here are their URLs." I was SHOCKED There was some of the most popular blogs on tumblr. The memes they made were viral. And Tumblr continues to this day publish all URLs they continue to shut down.

    Russians desire to create more racism and violence

    This "plan" is a little more.. messy. Meddling in the election was something they could do without American support from Russia, but getting black people to be violent extremists? a pan-african state? That's absolutely not going to happen in the south. Now I think it should also be noted that they attempted to meddle in the 2018 elections too, but our intelligence services blocked it from having a foothold. Hopefully, for 2020 they'll also be blocking meddling from any country and for any party. We have to remember that Russians don't care WHO wins as long as they can destabilize our democracy. (Granted that Trump is the ultimate destabilizing force on the planet atm)
  10. How the hell do you change the clothes of the sim after the creation?
  11. And she performed at 3 private events this past week that's 15 mil werk it Gaga qween of earning her entire fanbase's combined income in a week
  12. RoverLoader

    Early reviews of Madame X are very positive

    Next month
  13. Shipper

    Sims 4!!

    Simple. It's like a virtual dollhouse And for those who have illusions of grandeur who want to play with fates of their Sims and kill them or make them do forbidden actions you can only see in a hub.
  14. Musicisfreedom

    Why do rappers get a free pass?

    I respect your opinion anyway, even if I don't agree have a good day/night
  15. Jed

    Lady Gaga in Uğur Gallenkuş picture

    Screaming privilege doesn’t mean you’re not privileged. I’m not as privileged as Gaga or even other kids I went to high school with and I’m still privileged, no?
  16. Sky Juil

    Russians desire to create more racism and violence

    There are multiple entities that investigated this that decided that Russia did spend effort and money to advertise to sway the election in favor of Trump over Clinton. It's documented in the Mueller report, the Senate Intelligence committee led by a Republican, and other statements made by the US intelligence community after the election. What exactly are you from Finland referring to when you say that corporate democrats are irresponsible and have no credible arguments? This is incorrect in so many easily arguable ways.
  17. SKANK

    Why do rappers get a free pass?

    Yeah, I guess I just disagree. I don't think holding different public figures to different standards is unfair.
  18. giskardsb

    I kinda wish ENIGMA didn't happen...

    The shows are sold out. Everyone paying money is a fan at some level. Can we quit acting like she has only one type of real fan and that everyone else is just fake? GGD fans are no better than religious people. Draw a circle that represents “true believers” and then claim everyone outside the circle is undeserving. This place is giving me a bad attitude. Probably time for a GGD vacation.
  19. LiamNick

    Sims 4!!

    My gf likes to play sims so much idk why
  20. Alexander Levi

    She's EPIC but...

    I LOVE her - I'm just kinda bored with what she's doing at the moment. It's not exciting... Just seems all calculated. Id honestly rather her be a niche artist that does what she wants when she wants than a calculated pop star. But I hope she'll give me that element of surprise with LG6.
  21. Musicisfreedom

    Why do rappers get a free pass?

    Maybe not, but really should that be anyone's responsibility? To be a role model? Nobody is perfect. I just think we shouldn't promote one artist for doing one thing, and attack others for the doing the same thing. It's not fair.
  22. ReginaGeorge

    Sims 4!!

    Full game is free on origin and you can only download it for free in those 6 days. It’s not a 6 day trial..
  23. DiamondGypsy

    Sims 4!!

    NO omg the game is literally free
  24. Pacify Him

    Sims 4!!

    A 6 day trial ... don’t they do this every so often?
  25. DiamondGypsy

    Sims 4!!

    only the base game is free
  26. alextruper17

    Sims 4!!

    How free is free?
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