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  2. DiamondGypsy

    Sims 4!!

    NO omg the game is literally free
  3. Pacify Him

    Sims 4!!

    A 6 day trial ... don’t they do this every so often?
  4. DiamondGypsy

    Sims 4!!

    only the base game is free
  5. alextruper17

    Sims 4!!

    How free is free?
  6. SKANK

    Why do rappers get a free pass?

    My point was that rappers are occupying the spot once occupied by rock stars - a life of opulence, objectifying women, ignoring cultural sensitivities, violent outbursts. It's horrible behavior, but like I said, I'm not sure we should be looking to them as role models. That isn't their value in our culture.
  7. Galagala

    Celine Dion Carpool Karaoke

    Can you post threads before checking if it was already posted?
  8. DiamondGypsy

    Sims 4!!

    Hey to those Gamer Monsters I am really happy to say that Sims 4 (base game) is FREE* for only 6 days on Origin!
  9. AJRocketMan

    She's EPIC but...

    You forgot to mention ARTPOPGa
  10. Why doesn’t this have more likes??? I agree with this so much! I’m so excited for her next era and love reading the rumours and speculation but at the end of the day none of that matters. Whatever Gaga is going to do will be amazing and y’all better accept whatever she does. If your a true Little Monster than I know you will. The beauty about Gaga is that she never has been the same or had the same sound or vibe for each album. She always innovates and keeps revolutionizing and has always evolved. She will release when she is ready and we will be fed.💖
  11. Musicisfreedom

    Why do rappers get a free pass?

    You can display a dangerous,unhealthy lifestyle without promoting hate speech and violence against people.
  12. The13thNote

    Lady Gaga is hiring for her Haus Of Gaga on LV Strip

    How much does it pay?
  13. Musicisfreedom

    Why do rappers get a free pass?

    Most rockstars of nowadays are not sexist or homophobic, and even back when rock stars were big in the music scene most of them didn't use slurs that can be extremely harmful. It's different to be self destructive - that's only hurting themselves. But to allow people to use slurs and promote women as objects in 2019 is really out of touch and hateful. I think they should be that way if they want to, but they should be held responsible as much as anyone else.
  14. Queen Artpop

    What on EARTH has happened to pop music?

    The people denying Billie makes pop music in this thread She makes pop music for "girls who aren't like all the other girls;) :P" It's like Lorde but 10x dumber. But it's still pop music.
  15. Haven't wbk that the album takes forever to be released? 2086 release to celebrate her 100th birthday - bookmark me .
  16. Bradley

    Lady Gaga Earns 5 Millions for private show

    $5 million for one show? That's like the gross of a stadium show. I can't. If it's true, this is truly too lucrative for anyone. Her power.
  17. ThatAsianGuy

    Halsey - Nightmare (First Live Performance)

    I really like this song prolly because im into rock. I beginning to stan halsey. But those vocals need more work.
  18. Musicisfreedom

    Why do rappers get a free pass?

    I'm not really sure what you're saying, could you elaborate?
  19. SKANK

    Why do rappers get a free pass?

    Maybe it's not a bad thing to hold public figures to different standards. In 2019 rappers have taken the place of rock stars, who in their time were thought of as relatively dangerous. Do we need all public figures to be models of good behavior? Aren't rock stars and rappers meant to be icons of volatile and unhealthy behavior?
  20. ARUTW wasted for nothing.. great.
  21. Queen Artpop

    Marine Le Pen leads polls ahead of the European elections

    France is always behind Germany? I think the 1930s and 40s would like a word with you.
  22. That's not even bling It would make no commercial sense to wait that long. Grammys are nice but they are not so valuable to the point of making ur release dates based on Grammys alone
  23. Queen Artpop

    Marine Le Pen leads polls ahead of the European elections

    Are there any examples of her alleged dehumanization? I hear this all the time and never find much. Re-interpreting opposition to replacement level immigration doesn't count as "dehumanization" (in fact, China is weaponizing immigration to replace and politically suffocate the Uyghur and Turkic populations in Xinjiang). It's more than legitimate to be critical of these policies now before worse happens.
  24. At this point might as well wait for next grammy Deadline to not compete with herself with ASIB What's a couple more months?
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