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  2. xoxo Craig

    Lana x Ariana to happen again

    Her part was boring as hell
  3. Autumn

    Lana x Ariana to happen again

    No, White Hot Forever
  4. Autumn

    Lana x Ariana to happen again

    she saved it sis
  5. ARTPOPe


    AURA | Diamond Heart VENUS | A-Yo G.U.Y. | Joanne (especially (Where Do You Think You’re Goin’?) (Piano Version)) SEXXX DREAMS | John Wayne JEWELS N DRUGS | Dancin' In Circles MANiCURE | Perfect Illusion ARTPOP | Million Reasons SWINE | Sinner's Prayer DONATELLA | Come To Mama FASHION! | Hey Girl MARY JANE HOLLAND | Angel Down DOPE | Grigio Girls GYPSY | Just Another Day APPLAUSE | Angel Down (Work Tape) 7/7 Could have sworn it's ARTPOP, but I guess not
  6. Nuggets

    MEGARATE || Sweetener Reloaded

    Hey there! So, i'm pretty sure you guys need more time to send your rates in so i'm pushing back the deadline to Friday (15/11/19) Much Love, Nuggets @SamanthaC @alextruper17 @KatieJudasGaga4 @GypsyPrincesss @FfFfFfFF @NNES @Twitter @DiamondKing @FentyGa11 @LordEnigma
  7. Karl

    Brooke Candy x TOOPOOR - Freak Like Me

    I don't know why but I kind of like this
  8. https://open.spotify.com/album/4YzHdOVS18fQfAmEwyDwca?si=ErEUZZcMRFyN1RudWumykw Have anyone hear it yet? What’s your opinion?

    Grindr responds to ARTPOP tweet

    Joanne is the worst album. It's so forgettable. Yall better not pretend a single song from Joanne is memorable. Fight me bottoms, I dont care luv
  10. Yeah hearing people complain is whatever, but actually seeing this post with receipts for all the problems is very concerning.
  11. I'm starting to doubt if I'm gonna buy it or
  12. MarlonBrando7

    Which Billboard Hot 100 #1’s do you prefer?

    the funniest thing is how they can't separate their liking of a song with their success ot: Like a Virgin vs When I Think of You neither Crazy for You vs Miss You Much Live to Tell vs Escapade Papa Don’t Preach vs Black Cat Open Your Heart vs Love Will Never Do (Without You) I love all of them, ugh why popstar aren't serving like this anymore edit: why is this in Gaga thoughts?
  13. Miaou

    Chart Discussion

    France : Top Singles : #87 (+4) Shallow - 57 weeks in the top 100 #164 (+5) ARUTW - 56 weeks in the top 200 Longest running Gaga songs ever in the french singles chart (top 200) : 01 Poker Face - 59 weeks 02 Shallow - 57 weeks 03 Always Remember Us This Way - 56 weeks Shallow and ARTUW about to tie Poker Face Longest running Gaga songs ever in the french singles chart (top 100) : 01 Shallow - 57 weeks (still in the top 100) 02 Poker Face - 47 weeks 03 Love Game - 39 weeks 04 Always Remember Us This Way - 38 weeks 05 Bad Romance - 37 weeks
  14. LaLuna

    Toronto Snowstorm Breaks All-Time Record

    I will admit that this is quite unusual for mid-November. Winter came super early this year The situation is the same here in Quebec, we got around 8 inches of snow last night. But yeah, it's far from being the worst snow storm of all time. I'll never forget Valentine's Day 2007, we got about 25 inches. It was an absolute nightmare, there was chaos everywhere.
  15. TheSlash

    So.... How Does Everyone Feel?

    Funny how you spell Netflix
  16. Cody James

    Lana x Ariana to happen again

    I still to this day, do not understand why she does not have more up beat bops like Off To The Races or This Is What Makes Us Girls... this is the sound I grew to love. Maybe its the vocal ranges?
  17. Edonis

    Trump Threatens To Pull Federal Aid For California Wildfires

    I wanna say something about him and fire, but I don't want to get a WP.
  18. Miaou

    Chart Discussion

    France : Top Albums #27 (+1) ASIB with 2600 units. Total : 396 200 SPS 400K next week
  19. Edonis


    I can't pick because it truly depends on my mood and what I want to listen to. I tend to prefer shorter albums though (akin to Joanne) but also really really enjoy some of the tracks on ARTPOP with 2 of them being in my top 10 of her discography. It really depends.
  20. River

    This ARTPOP Shade..

    Pity Party, A Scottish comedic show, is shading ARTPOP but praising BTW Are you sure it's not the ARTPOP one
  21. MrG1087

    Trump Threatens To Pull Federal Aid For California Wildfires

    Oh look threatening to pull aid. What else is new with this man? Seems to me that’s all he knows how to do; threaten until he gets his way.
  22. yxi


    Joanna ARTPOP the lyrics are too immature and cringy sometimes, and the production sounded dated on arrival. Joanna is more timeless and it has Million Reasons, Joanne and Just Another Slay.
  23. Lumi

    Lana x Ariana to happen again

    Now that was funny. She's the only good thing attached to that whole project. Ot: I'm here for it! I really want to see how "poppy" lana can be.
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