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  2. I demand a recount of the results.
  3. _Scheisse

    Madam X’s Medellin newest video teaser

    Exactly, if anything this comparison is a good benchmark because not only her fans, but the media has found the potential in Gaga to be just as iconic as Madonna. And as you said, they are at different stages of their careers. For all we know, all the ASIB slayage wouldn’t have happened without cheek to cheek or Joanne and it’s boring visuals, for the most part.
  4. Yes, I just checked that actually. It would have won by 0.003
  5. The funny thing is her conservator father is a alcoholic for 30 years and Britney's sister filed for emancipation from her parents! this is serious and im glad people are paying attention. I am worried Britney's kids will be used to threaten her so when shes out, she wont say a thing!
  6. I think lots of people like ballads. Some like Gaga's ballads more than her dance music.
  7. Gracious Gaga

    Britney’s father threatened her about taking her kids

    They did tell her to stop working by cancelling the residency and putting her mental health first tho
  8. Steve Nasty

    Is Gaga rushing a new LG6?

    Oh **** I would love a super eclectic album that showed all her different styles. That's genius for Gaga... I need this to happen now
  9. Question. I forgot to give "You Learn" my 11. Would that have made any difference in the results?
  10. AndrewMac95

    Madam X’s Medellin newest video teaser

    Right?? I was talking to my mum the other day and one thing she said is “one thing I admire about the woman is she always evolves and comes back different and better than ever” To me, even if she does hop on the trends then why should we judge? Actually, thinking about it I admire her for it? She’s a business woman and to remain relevant you have to make with the times, to attain some level of success you must adapt to the changing times. When she hops on trends in my eyes she makes it her own? Like with Medellín if she has “sold out” and hopped on a trend like people say I think she’s done it in a classy way, it’s not in your face reggaton it’s quite subtle. One thing which has annoyed me is Katy Perry has come out with Con Calma and she is genuinely hopping on a trend (which is fine let her do it) but everyone’s eaten it up because she’s Katy Perry singing about.... her fanny? “I got that good poom poom” Madonna is literally singing about having a nice night in the capitol of Portugal and she’s hopping on a trend and is trying to act young and hip and cool!!!!!! Wrong
  11. 2 million is her most liked pic
  12. _Scheisse

    Madam X’s Medellin newest video teaser

    “The visuals don’t match the song”. yeah, cause Alejandro’s sound matched completely with the religious imagery and the naked gay army
  13. Mister Gaga

    Madonna & Maluma - Medellín

    same. It's a grower. I heard it last night at the club and everybody was dancing, me included
  14. I'm the spirit of my hair, and all the followers that it bares I'm imprisoned by my hair
  15. Glamourpuss

    CEREMONY: Jagged Little Pill (Alanis Morissette)

    Me too!
  16. I'm totally fine with that !
  17. ShockPop

    Is Gaga rushing a new LG6?

    I think she had most of an album ready but after working on ASIB and seeing it's connection with the audience, she is perhaps rethinking, maybe doing a Whitney and having a 2disc setup where side 2 is all the slower material. I hope she isn't going to put out ASIB The Re-up Monster: Complete Confection Special Collectors Deluxe Edition 2019 version ReImagined 4k Digipack on Ice. It'd show lack of integrity.
  18. I mean, I'm always here for good piano ballads
  19. @rumours tag me in the next one as well plz This has been a very surprising results ceremony lol
  20. I could post the next one today.... Is that too soon lol?
  21. She doesnt have to deal with all this pressure, if they are worried about fame, they can tell her to stop working for a couple of years for the better of her health yet they have been making her work for 11 years. She did not even take a break between Vegas shows. I just dont understand why you dont question what is going on with her! things like this happen all the time and bringing attention to something suspicious might help her if she is a victim.
  22. Yassssss. Thanks for this comment. This is absolutely the fairest comment I have read here in all Madonna related discussions since the start of Madame X's era. All your points are 💯true. Like you, I do hope that Gaga is still making pop music, creating, challenging society, well into her 60s, and that she won't face the misogyny, ageism, and the barrage of 'she's not relevant anymore' and 'pack it put darling' digs that Madonna constantly gets almost in every era since she hit her 40s or even earlier. She addressed the relevancy argument during the American Life era when she was 45, and this has been applicable every era since. It's been 15 years since this interview, and she is still creating and to great success.
  23. Thank you for participating
  24. It has a fair amount of ballads on it... idk if people would like that
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