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Imagine Dragons new single “Eyes Closed” is coming


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On 3/15/2024 at 10:01 PM, ALGAYDO said:

Seems like I’m the only IM fan in this whole site :alsemanche: 

You're definitely not.



And sometimes I masturba*e thinking about Dan.

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4 hours ago, Westerosi said:

I'm just gonna come in here before this thread gets too messy.

Dan Reynolds is an incredibly talented vocalist and his band are exceptional musicians. Evidence:

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Now, it's not to my personal taste, and I can't remember ever deliberately streaming an Imagine Dragon's track.

But I want everyone here to remember: They are not independent artists.


If they want to release, it has to be commercially viable. Interestingly, this article also states:

Giving back, they’ve raised millions for various causes, including their pediatric cancer charity the Tyler Robinson Foundation, and frontman Dan Reynolds’ LOVELOUD Foundation and festival in support of LGBTQ+ youth.

Instead of being quick to hate an act that has no choice but to appeal to the masses, I encourage everyone here to support this band as they only try to do good for our society. In a world full of SixNines, P-Diddys, Axle Roses, Marilyn Mansons, please support the artists who are doing their best.

If you're going to hate, hate positively:trollga:

Well put! ❤️


 now go and stream!

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6 hours ago, YuriG said:

The numbers of this band are so shocking to me I just can't understand the hype, their music is like stadium rock AI generated, and all their songs choruses sounds alike 

Me about Taylor Swift

Clearly there's something redeemable about them (and Taylor) to their fans though so more power to them. At least they seem to be good people :kiss:

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7 hours ago, YuriG said:

all their songs choruses sounds alike 

Some of their singles share similar vibes, but when looking at their discography, their music is much more varied than people give them credit. And even within their singles, there's a ton of variety. Just compare Thunder, Demons, Believer and On Top Of The World. Then when you start looking at album tracks, they experiment way more than most mainstream artists. Almost to a fault.

But yes, they definitely got popular for a particular sound, and it makes sense that they lean into that from time to time. They know that those "larger than life" sounding songs are their strength. It's also interesting how, comparatively, lots of fanbases (like Gaga's) wish that their fav would return to the sound that made them popular in the first place.

Add the fact that all of their songs are extremely personal (with Dan being the main writer on almost everything), I'd say they are definitely deserving of their success - even if it's not everyone's taste. 

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I suggest to check out the lyrics to some of their non-singles, especially from their last album. They are very personal and beautiful, and Dan Reynolds is a hero for keeping up with his career suffering from mental issues and a chronic disease

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