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4 hours ago, rafaelgherardi said:

yeah, but the last time she did that was 8 years ago with Joanne and things have changed so much since then... I don't think the appearances, interviews and performances impact much on an album's performance anymore, at least not at this point in her career

Yes, but Chromatica four years ago was supposed to have a promotional tour that was traditional to other rollouts. Had it not been cancelled, I don’t think we would have doubts about LG7. 

A lot has changed, but that’s a symptom of a dull music industry. Gaga shifted the landscape in 2008, but it slumped again in the 2020’s back to pre Gaga. Gaga is one of the artists that forced other major artists to step it up and bring their A-game at award shows, in music videos, during interviews and talk shows. I don’t think this is lost on her, and she’s an artist that prefers to give 110% to the work. 

It’s still effective marketing having grassroots campaigns, and to go out to different outlets to promote. 

In all of her endeavours post Chromatica she still has put in 100%. House of Gucci, Love For Sale, Top Gun, Haus Labs, Sweet Sounds of Heaven, she still put in the work. I don’t think it would be different for LG7.

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