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new music

yes, and? ft. Mariah Carey out now


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I listened to it a couple of times after my first listen and... it's not that bad :ladyhaha:

The first time it was shocking because I expected more and something different :laughga:

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14 hours ago, Didymus said:


In what kitchen did Mariah record this? This is actually terrible.

It wasnt the kitchen it was her bathroom while she was bored on her phone taking a sh*t :messga:

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This is so bad! Omg!! Produced with garage band! lol. I can’t. How in the world?? Ariana has all the resources in the world. Horrible artwork. Horrible remix. Horrible production 

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4 hours ago, RenegAde said:

Yall are being so dramatic. Girl bye:bye:

Confused Season 3 GIF by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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avalon x
18 hours ago, Kubi said:

I think both of them have excellent voices but what on earth was that. When Mariah came on the mixing was so bad it was like a jumpscare. 

Literally -


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