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LG7: Hype Train 🚂 🚂 (2025 truthers won…)


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6 minutes ago, JoanneMonster said:

?????? I didnt say she cant change wigs. I said it would be weird for her to be all Gaga and crazy one day and all relaxed and normal the next day to promote joker. 

Whats abstract is your reading comprehension:hug:

The fact that you were so compelled to respond and insult, even though I said nothing rude in my comment :air: 

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2 hours ago, Nite said:

My friend is convinced the Joker Soundtrack is LG7. But that seems ridiculous, aren't there 4 original songs on there and the rest are covers? And she didn't call ASIB an LG album either :triggered:

I moved my expectation to single in August and album in 2026 Grammy cutoffs :holdmyhand:

LG7 is 4 songs confirmed :party:

she’s pulling a reverse Taylor and dropping less than expected woo

I’m a bad friend
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1 hour ago, madmagical6 said:

There's a garden of eden leak on the usual places that's basically a full song and it sounds like it has backing vocals aswell. Not sure what to make of it. I think it definitely could be a demo of sorts. 


Searching in the dark, shadows torn apart. 

When dawn breaks, I search for starlight? 

It's a longer version of the same snippet that leaked a month ago or so, and it was confirmed to be made with AI. Don't take this as an offense but i think you should stop searching for leaks and just relax a bit, like you said some weeks ago 

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18 hours ago, AntonTurnItUp said:

Hello 2025. Goodbye 2024 :traumatica:


17 hours ago, Starmie25 said:

It's only July 9th :cheeky:


17 hours ago, franminervini said:

I honestly don't get what's taking so long. If she was confident enough to put that teaser at the end of the film, where's the music? It's been ages since Chromatica! :franminervini:


17 hours ago, Tinnitus15 said:

As if she’s gonna do smth lol 


17 hours ago, Juanlittlem said:

She's waiting for election time so there's riots on the streets so she has a reason to not promote the album and let it die.


16 hours ago, monketsharona said:

There's almost 6 months ahead in 2024 :huntyga:


16 hours ago, BellaFahmi said:

she's gonna make the wait worthwhile I know it :selena:


16 hours ago, OMonster said:

Guys, there is literally no way an album is dropping in or before August. She's waited so long; she'll definitely wait until at least September now to enter the album into the 2026 Grammy's race. This will also mean the album drops closer to Joker, which must be the plan. The plan can't have been to separate the Joker and LG7 eras because if it was, we'd have the album by now. It seems really obvious there's been a pivot to combining the two promo cycles, for better or worse. 

I'm sure the single is coming in August and the album late September/early October. This'll help to extend the era as she'll likely be nominated for Grammy's in both 2025 (lead single) and 2026 (album). She'll also probably tour in 2025 too. 

I also have zero doubt that LG7 will start this year. TCB snippet was all the evidence we needed of that happening. In the grand scheme of things, an August single is still 'soon' after late May. She hasn't misled us here. Dropping the first song 2-3 months after the first formal recognition of the album feels reasonable to me.


15 hours ago, RickMonster98 said:

lead single in august i can feel it


15 hours ago, HelloHangoverz said:

I'm all delusioned out. Late August early September for me


14 hours ago, tylerjs said:



Remember like three weeks ago when we were 100% convinced she wouldn’t possibly release LG7 and Joker at the same time and now that nothing’s happened we’re sure it has to be the way and it suddenly makes so much sense :billie:


11 hours ago, StupidLoveBis said:

In a perfect world, we'd have had the lead single to dance all summer and listen at the beach.
In a perfect world, summer would have had a special flavor, because in addition to the lead single, she would have announced the album date for late August. 


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16 hours ago, Gorehound said:

When is your next episode?

Hopefully recording this weekend for next week release :heart: Appreciate your support!

@homomo @calmar

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6 hours ago, Starmie25 said:


Need this sound for LG8

Girl we're dying for LG7. At this rate, LG8 won't be out until 2084. :cheeky:

Imagine how tired we are :traumatica:

Love it when you call me legs, in the morning buy me eggs 🥚
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The point is all these fake leaks are all so good lmao that I would probably be disappointed by the real thing. Now there is one of 6 secs called "Hell" AND I WISH

Edited by Levine
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Phoenix Rises

At this point, she is waiting SO long between albums we're going to get LG8 in 2030.. :air: Drag Race Vh1 GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race

Edited by Phoenix Rises
spread love ,respect,compassion AMEN!!!!
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3 hours ago, Levine said:

The point is all these fake leaks are all so good lmao that I would probably be disappointed by the real thing. Now there is one of 6 secs called "Hell" AND I WISH

totally agree!! the 'serpents winding' one NEEDS to be a real song.

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