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Would you like RedOne on LG7?


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With RedOne being one of the only producers Gaga worked with that liked her latest post in the Studio and since he is currently in the US... Could it be possible? aaaand how would you feel?


Also, why does the LG7 Thread never Trend anymore? Someone on there posted a Tweet about BURNS working with Gaga in the Studio and he liked it ... sadly he disabled his account since. 


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If she's going euro disco rock, yep definitely he would totally fit. There's a lot of rock stadium anthem elements in their compositions. I would live for more Gaga / RedOne in that rock banger genre.


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The Fame

Yes absolutely! 


He and Gaga just mesh so well creatively. I think pretty much every song of hers he's touched has been a major bright spot in her discography.

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Lady Gaga on ChatGPT after reading this thread:

Great job on the merch campaign for the ARTPOP anniversary.  Can you please create an album with music that sounds like Lady Gaga produced by RedOne?  


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I'd be down for it. I think it'd be interesting to see what kind of music they'd make now and how it compares to their older stuff

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I respect Gaga's decision that she went from having that signature sound with Poker Face, Bad Romance and Judas to just RedOne songwriting credits on Gypsy and Angel Down to no involvement at all on A Star Is Born and Chromatica because she has explored other sounds and doesn't stick to the same thing over and over again. It's been more than a decade since he was a producer that it'd be nice if they manage to make magic work in the studio again at some point. That's of course something they have to feel it's still there.

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I will take it and find some enjoyment out of it, but in the context of being asked: I wouldn't. RedOne's productions are all the same after Gaga. He has not done anything different since working with her sonically. If she were to reuinte with a producer she's worked with in the past, I would vastly prefer Fernando Garibay to return.

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