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POLL: Best Gaga Feautre?



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  1. 1. Which

    • Big Girl Now - NKOTN
    • Chillin - walle
    • Videophone - Beyoncé
    • I want your love - chic
    • Don’t let me be misunderstood - Brian Newman
    • Sweet sounds of heaven - Rolling Stones

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These are songs Gaga was featured on and credited for, released on an album by an artist other than Gaga.  Duet albums and soundtrack albums do not count in this poll.  Please let me know if I missed any songs! 




in my option, the original Tom ford ad version of I WANT UR LOVE is top tier- but out of the songs on this list, the studio version from chics album w Gaga still takes the vote for me.  Hbu?

Pronounced like “Balenciaga” . Emphasis on the “Ga”
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Chromatica Island

I have to say, "Sweet Sounds of Heaven" it's so good!

Any/All Pronouns, Genderfluid🏳‍⚧
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SSOH...it's a rock-soul opera. Well balanced, just the right production, and Gaga was giving some vocals that are never heard before.

IWYL ... close second. It's not my first pick because it felt noisy in some parts and it feels like a gaga song and not a chic song..atleast for me.


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Maxine Puth
2 minutes ago, Blahwhatever22 said:

This one is pretty underrated. I love her voice here

“These are songs Gaga was featured on and credited for” She’s not credited in the title :max: But it is under appreciated, her vocals in Carolina are great too. 

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SSOH gave me chills and transported my soul to the Stone Age. I was driving home while listening to it and it just made me feel like I transcended to some other realm. By far, her BEST. HANDS DOWN.


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I think I love Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood the best

It's hard to choose between IWYL, DLMBM, and SSOH, and I don't even love jazz that much but DLMBM is so good :tony:

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SSOH for me. I also really enjoy this — which I guess is more of a sample?


Master, play me your symphony; I will answer to anything. Take me on a trip,
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