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What is your favourite Super Bowl halftime show performance of all-time?

Yaaaas Gaga

What is your favourite Super Bowl halftime show performance of all-time?  

73 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favourite Super Bowl halftime show performance of all-time?

    • Michael Jackson - 1993
    • Prince - 2007
    • Madonna - 2012
    • Beyonce & Destiny's Child - 2013
    • Katy Perry - 2015
    • Coldplay, Beyonce & Bruno Mars - 2016
    • Lady Gaga - 2017
    • Shakira & Jennifer Lopez - 2020
    • Rihanna - 2023

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Shouldn't have included Gaga in poll . Most are gonna vote for her including me. 

I really liked Madonna's performance the most apart from GaGa, it was thrilling and she nailed it with her energy especially considering her age. 

Prince and MJ was also good. Katy's was super cool visually. 

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Since there's no multiple options, the answer is automatically Gaga cos that was one hell of a great time :applause:

Other that I'd vote are Bey's, Prince's & MJ's

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The thing is.. it's a football game. As an intl fan, only Gaga made me more realize that this performance is halftime show in a football game. She knows and she respects that and its audience. That is why i like that she did that catching football moment, that football attire inspired getup duriny Bad Romance...And also, she really made me feel what these great football players do, which is hard work and passion. She really embodied athleticism in this.

I also like that she was the first one who sang lyrics with transgender in the superbowl. Also the drones part and the iconic roof jump. I also like they "hey mom hi dad" moment...she was so real and down to earth and so proud at that moment. She was the moment.


If Gaga was not on this list, i would pick Katy. It's hard between MJ and her, but i chose her because her show was like Olympics opening vibe for me. The big tiger or liger, the great stage, the katy perry super hits, missy elliot and lenny and that great ending! Oh and the left shark.

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Smother Em Eh

I do love Michaels and Katy’s was super interesting and entertaining but I’m going with Gaga. She did it all and it was an AMAZING show. She truly set the bar high and no halftime show since has topped hers! 

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5 hours ago, Starmie25 said:

Prince, Gaga and P!nk

P!nk???? When did she do the superbowl 

Pronounced like “Balenciaga” . Emphasis on the “Ga”
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Gaga hands down

So many subtle, nuanced political statements that went right over peoples heads. “ liberty, and justice, for all!” “No mater gay straight or bi, lesbian transgender life”. 

The humility and understanding of the gravity a once in a lifetime moment The Super Bowl Halftime show is. Then the
humble superstar acknowledging her mom and dad in the crowd.

The intense choreography, breath control, sprinting, jumping, LIVE singing.

Having HER moment all by herself.

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